Chinese Ghost Festival – The Malaysian Way

Every ghost festival without fail, my mum and I would set up a little corner outside our house to burn our offerings to the Hungry Ghosts.
Our procedure is pretty simple – place our joss sticks and candles on the ground and there after burn the offerings to them. Offerings would usually be hell money, candies and fruits.
This year round, in light that I’ve been accused of promoting vice, I decided to do something different. I headed to our local Gods Material Shop and..
Me: Boss, do you have beer?
Boss: Yeah, Carlsberg?
Me: Yea
Boss: OK hold on.
Few minutes later.
Boss: Boy, no more Carlsberg. How about Guinness?
Me: OK sure.
Boss: you want XO (cognac) as well??
Me: OK
Another Boss: So long its liquor you want yea??
Me: Hell ya!!
Behold! Vice for the dead!!

444 literally means DIEDIEDIE

Cans of Guinness and Otard made from paper for the dead
My packet of Guinness and my bottle Otard cost me RM3.50 and RM3 respectively.

13 thoughts on “Chinese Ghost Festival – The Malaysian Way”

  1. wow! i do wonder how the hell look like now… beer, handphones. anyway ! isit in the next year… they will have PLAZA TOL in hell as well?
    xes… u got ask “boss plaza tol got sell or not?” this question as well ? or, “boss got sell a planet and satellite or not?” πŸ˜›

  2. Wah lau, you too stingy lar. Why not get RM10.00 Dom Perignon or Krug champagne… your blessings will be tripled because of fine vice… πŸ˜›

  3. nvm and next ask the boss “boss got hell ecstasy or not?” πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
    and ask the boss, “boss got hell gun or not… to make sure my ancestor dont disturb me, im going to gif him a gun so he can rob in the hell… no need me burn money every yr” πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› lolz
    just making joke

  4. The other day I passed by a shop selling Tiger Beer and I thought it was ridiculous. I think a carton is selling for RM4 something at Jalan Pasar Market.

  5. you never ask them got paper prostitutes to burn for the dead or not, in the models of paris hilton or elisha cuthbert, that’d be great.

  6. Low: LOL. CANT FIND Dom Perignon or Krug champagne!
    insomnia: i think astro is enough for them
    Darren: kekek
    Amos: lol
    endroo G: YAY MINE IS CHEAPER BY RM1!!
    bkt: keke chances of having chivas would be the same with having bkt.
    cm: LOL fapping material for the dead!

  7. i think if anyone burns a toll booth, all the ghosts (if there are such things; I don’t wanna know) will haunt the poor feller.
    cm and xes: eh, they can see all they want of real ppl edi, need what fapping material wor?

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