Mr. Liquid 2006 @ Liquid & The Disco, KL

the first thing that comes to mind when you see the words “Mr Liquid” you think of toilet detergent.. or is it dish washing detergent?

the Mr. Liquid finals started late, about 1145pm and the crowd was restless. but finally, the 13 finalists came on stage, and introduced themselves to the judges and crowd.
not everyone looks cool in sunnies indoors at night. ;P
then the strutting began.

anticipation. engrossed.
men in underwear!!!!
Freda and VJ Dom were the hosts for the night, and they kept the crowd and judges laughing with their jokes. Freda, especially, tickled the crowd with her double entendre remarks. “i like what the way you think.” was her (his?) favourite phrase with a cheeky wink at times.
she claims to be a “ladyboy” and not a transvestite, ok!
VJ Dom is so cute. i like! ;P
during the Q&A session, the contestants were given the opportunity to let their intellect shine through their dellectable bodies. ‘3 things you could take with you if your house was on fire’ was given the reply of “life, important documents and my bag which has my mobile phone and wallet.” another said he’d like to be a denggi mosquito if he ‘could be an animal’.
now i almost got thrown out of the place because no photography was allowed. (what, afraid i’ll sell off their pictures and make good money? ;P) guess how you can get away with it? camera phone! i need to get me one of those, man. see, there are always ways to get around rules…. (note to the lawyers: like law, right?)
as the night wore on, everyone got restless and i think the judges were, too. to everyone’s silent sighs of relief, the competition ended about 230am and waited for the results.
and waited.
while waiting, judge Camelia entertained the crowd with one of the songs from her latest album. she will be performing again next friday at the same venue.
finally, the results at about 315am. and i was quite disappointed. the crowd’s cheer is always a tell-tale sign as to whom the favourites are, AND most likely to win. everyone was crazy over no. 4.
Mr. Physique – no. 4.
Mr. Golden Abs – no. 7
Mr. Face Image – no. 1
Best Hair – no. 6
Best Catwalk – no. 13 who definitely deserved it as he was the tallest among all contestants.
2nd runner up with cash prize of RM1000 – no. 3
1st runner up with cash prize of RM2000 – no. 8
Mr. Liquid 2006 with cash prize of RM3000 – no. 4
the hours were extended til 430am for more partying. but many left after the results were out.
no, i was not picked up by any hotties. ;(

18 thoughts on “Mr. Liquid 2006 @ Liquid & The Disco, KL”

  1. i think 1st thing tat came to mind with the phrase “mr. Liquid” is…some kids sortof beverage…kekeke
    well..i think i know why u din get picked up by hottie…cause they’re in a guy pagent (sortof..dunno wut to call it) most of them i think is gay..or at least i think it is..

  2. it’s true ler, good looking ones are gay. ;\ oh, i forgot to mention that VJ Sarah was one of the judges too…. she’s so sweet looking!

  3. if u you see the boxer pic, no 4 is the one sitting down, on the left (centre). wait ah, i go find the pic first.
    Jin: ya, mostly. 😉

  4. bimbobum … u r in a GAY bar !! of cos u r not picked up by the hotties.. if u r a cute handsome guy, then chances r higher for u
    Liquid is a gay hang out place…

  5. Wooooo! I like the black shorts and black vests, NICE! Number 13 looks good 😉 Mr. Liquid? What liquid does he produce? XD yeah, was wondering why were there so many men in the audience!

  6. hehe xes… of the guys there is your stalker? 😛
    Xes should take part and dress as Hardo Gay.

  7. if xes were there, he would definitely have been picked up by one of the gay contestants. no. 4 perhaps?…haha

  8. Applegal: there were girls too, but only 15% i think.
    wolfx: Hardo Gay wears what? ;P
    boob_omatic: aiks. you can pick him up too. ;P

  9. hahahahaahah to CL delight (or his disappointment), from wad i gathered from my gay frens, this site still hasnt top the list yet ….so CL.. ganbatte !!!

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