Could It Be…??

In the light of Xes’s problems with gays….MAYBE this COULD be the source of his problem ?? ;P BeerStudy.jpg
p.s. No offence to fans of beer who are still straight! 😛

17 thoughts on “Could It Be…??”

  1. eh wait a min!! i think i heard about came out in the news sumtime b4 (not this particular wan) i remember my uncle go around telling this to evryone like it was a big deal..
    could this be true?? i wonder~~

  2. This could be true. Anything made from grain or beans that are highly processed may have strong enzyme inhibitors and also possess a chemical that helps tells the body to produce more aestrogen. Plants such as soy and wheats etc. does this to us. So guys, 🙂 Something to think about.

  3. it sounds more like an insult to women la!
    gained weight, talking excessively w/o sense, CAN’T drive, overly emotional…etc…

  4. wah need or not ar…soooo serious. i bet this article was made as a joke to prevent men to overdrink in europe. dunolah..but does that mean that men who go to the bar are getting mo feminine by the drink??

  5. karheng..i think it is true le..been a few articals out ade bout this thing…luckily vodka is always my choice…but this still doesn’t stop me from drinkin beer..
    *note to evryone : if i turn into gal..dun chase after me..jus kill me!

  6. AvalonDevil: just kidding ler. hehe ;P dun worry, i visit blogs of those who kindly reveal their urls so i know you’re Andrew. ;P heh. and my name is ……

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