Muar – Chicken Rice Ball & Otak-otak

Chicken Rice Bollocks

Other than Melaka’s chicken rice ball, Muar’s chicken rice ball is excellent as well. Whenever I attend court in Muar, I would drop by this particular chicken rice ball shop in Muar town. It’s just a street away from the Store Departmental Store.

The shop (It’s in the middle of a row of shops) Email me if you need directions.

Eating spicy otak otak (fish paste and spice wrapped with banana leaf) together with steamed chicken and rice balls, topped with thick black sauce is definitely orgasmic.


1 rice ball, 1 otak-otak, 1/2 rice ball. 8======D

I swear I did not intentionally arrange them in that way.

Last week, I had 5 pieces of otak-otak and a plate of chicken rice balls. I was so full until my stomach felt like exploding.

And it only cost me RM3.90!! \(*O*)/

There is no where in KL you can find chicken rice that cost RM3.90 and makes you feel like exploding.

23 thoughts on “Muar – Chicken Rice Ball & Otak-otak”

  1. the muar otak otak was marvellous.. my ex colleague was from muar.. she brought back those raw ones and we microwave them in office… excellent !

  2. wah. with all the advertising from you leongupao, confirm the price of nasi ayam bola-bola and otak-otak will increase next year. kekekeke
    i miss the chicky riceeeeeee *sobs*

  3. The chicken looks damn good. Can see its quality kampong chicken from the photo. Damn, thats what I will tapau for lunch…..*inspired*

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