No “Undesirable” Names, Please

Ah Kow
Ah Gong
Chai Too
Kai Chai
Sum Seng
Tua Pui
Batu Malai
Zero Zero Seven
Adolf Hitler
On 30 July 2006, local newspapers have highlighted that the National Registration Department have come up with a list of “undesirable” names for Malays, Chinese and Indians.

“Among the no-no names for Malays are Zaniah (female adulterer) and Woti (sexual intercourse). Zani is a male adulterer.
While it is crass to name your son, Ah Kow (dog), the department has also Ah Gong (unsound mind), Chai Too (pig), Kai Chai(chick) and Sum Seng (gangster) on its “undesirable list”.
Besides Karruppan (black fellow), other Indian names which are quite “colourful” are in the undesirable list, like Sivappi and Vellayan (both meaning fair), and Amma-kannu (mother’s eye).”
“…. parents are not allowed to name their babies after animals, insects, fruits, vegetables or colours…..”
[source – The New Straits Times]

Reading NRD has no right to dictate to parents and What if your name sounds like ‘waiting to use toilet’? [A prominent figure with a peculiar name, but he doesn’t mind it!], you will realise that the public are well versed with meaning of names and have no qualms in choosing distinctively unique names. So what if their old parents who may not have known how to read and write named them something which gave their children a hard time in school?
A person grows up being comfortable with his name. If you’re not, then fine, go ahead and have your name in your MyKad changed, and you’d have to go through a process of filing documents in court and the NRD. And they make it difficult for you.
I still have people having difficulties in pronouncing my name, but i’ll just smile and correct them, secretly thinking they’re just stupid fools. hehehe. So easy also cannot pronounce! ;P

How, now? I can’t name my children Velvet Zoukifli or Ruumi Haksikuens because they’re related to night spots and events? ;P
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26 thoughts on “No “Undesirable” Names, Please”

  1. ahah, FYI bimbo, he is singin a song by a group called LMF, wait, issit? i dunnno, jus its damn popular among fengtau ppl.
    well.tat narrows the choices of name to my son/daughter then, shall i name them food?
    me : Rojak Koh!! i told u not to eat ur own kind!

  2. this is freakin interesting leh…i wonder if theyre going to ban shortcut names thou..some senseless name includes TeeNengSia (tiu nia seng), MohdHamdan (ma hai), KowNeeSze (ka na sai)<–sound like kau lui thou haha, NamitBaljinder (nabie)(no offence ah!) heh ;P

  3. I know who’s that prominent figure who is waiting for the loo. Mr. Tang… sh.
    The name “Hitler” is a never ever used anymore in this world. But I like reading about that Fuhrer. “If freedom is short of weapon, we must compensate with will power”. Imagine my son, Adolftler G.
    Bimbo, what ur name? Tong Sam Fah?
    xes: Disco Chong Sai Kei.

  4. my mate’s dad’s name is lee phoo kee
    not bad eh? another one of my mate is called
    cheah chee ban. But since he bashes anyone up
    who calls him chee bai, we ended up calling him
    cheese buns.

  5. my class were talking about this topic yesterday and a friend (whose surmane is Yu btw)said, so I can’t call my daughter Fish Yu?[F**k Yu]

  6. endroo G : didi is not bad, but my fren’s dog named after the same name too, evrytime i tried to call the dog, i kena beating. dun have anything weirder lo
    and wut comic/cartoon character is Thor Wong?

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