Muay Thai christmas dinner

uh oh, I’m having a sore throat. I just came back from the Sheffield University Muay Thai Society’s Christmas dinner. We rounded up 36 people to dine at BB’s, an Italian restaurant and booked the VIP room with 3 long tables and 30 bottles of wine. I sat around Avin, Fiona, Rich and Andy. Basically I spent the whole night talking to Avin due to the fact that we have a lot of mutual friends. Fiona was busy hitting on Simon (: x hope Scotty doesn’t say anything about this to Fiona, hehe).

The food wasn’t good. My Funghi pizza was too salty.

By the end of the night, I finished ½ of bottle of wine. I felt tipsy and my face was scorching red. Man, I hate wine. I hated it ever since I finished a bottle of wine by myself last year and ended up having a hangover the next day.

The atmosphere in the room was good. Everybody was tipsy and lots of laughter going around. The magic of alcohol is undisputable.

Instead of going to Cavendish with the Muay Thai bunch, Avin and I ended up at Lionel’s place at Victoria Hall. He offered to give me a lift home and therefore I followed him to Lionel’s place. Simon was forcing Avin to go to the Cavendish with him but Avin didn’t want to drink anymore. Avin had to run away from him. We ended up chatting with Lionel for couple of hours.