murder of kittens

UNITED GARDEN, Dec 9 – 5 kittens and a cat was found murdered in the garden of xes�s house at United Garden today.

House 337 Criminal Investigations Department chief Senior Assistant Commissioner (II) Saya Makan Rasuah said xes and his tenants went to the scene following a report lodged by the one of xes’s tenants.

He said the victims were killed brutally killed and the bodies were scattered all over the garden.

“The cause of death of the kittens were unknown but the adolescent cat has bite marks on him. This is a case of HAM KA CHAN..whole family die.” No post-mortem was conducted, as the bodies were badly decomposed and rotten.

According to an eyewitness, 4 dogs were seen in the area before the report was lodged. The murder might be due to rivalry between the 2 clans, the dogs and the cats clan.

Bodies of the cats were buried outside xes’s house.

Police urged the public with information to email xes at at gmail or the nearest McDonalds outlet.

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