I got the job. šŸ˜€

This being my last week to spend late nights out with friends, I mentally ran through what we have been doing the past few nights. We went Breaker$ the other night? we planned to go yamchar the day after but ended up in the foos scene? and then it was foos again the next night? then we really really planned to go yamchar but HAH surprise surprise, no prizes for guessing where we ended up once again. You guys are ADDICTS, I tell you.. ADDICTS! But it?s nice to be able to play with them coz they are ever so patient with me (What are you doing?! My grandmother also can shoot harder than you-ar!) and so willing to teach me (First you set the ball then push then you pull then you slide there then set the ball again then flick your wrist like this then you then you then you? by which I start to space out?). So where ARE we going tonight? Coo? the choices seem endless? coo?

Anyway, almost similar to Leong?s latest post, an animal was also found in my house compound today ? but alive! A Tortoise! Not those mini terrapins but a big tortoise! No idea how he wandered into the house though. Now he?s chilling out, swimming around a basin my mum put him in. And he?s named Coolio for now coz he looks so damn cool. We probably keep him for awhile and check if anyone in the neighborhood lost a pet tortoise. If there are no takers, we probably release Coolio in the pond behind my house where there would be abundance of bread and kangkung thrown in by the kids, men and women daily who go there for their evening walks. All the tortoises, terrapins and fishes living there must be so goddamn sick of bread, man.

It?s funny though, this isn?t the first time a pet of some sort has wandered into the house. A Persian cat once came into the house and wouldn?t leave, hence our first pet Puffy who has since left us for a better place (heaven, of course) 3 years back. Then there was the hamster that ran into our kitchen, whose gender was mistaken right until she gave birth to 8 healthy hamster babies. So, hehe, the name Dexter was promptly changed to Desiree. Both those animals have naturally left their footprints on our hearts, contributing to the loveliest times of our lives and I wonder if Coolio wandered into the house for a predestined reason or other. šŸ™‚

Next week will be the start of a new beginning for me. And I wonder if it is going to apply in more ways than one. Here’s to new beginnings, health and happiness to all readers of this site and their loved ones? *clink* šŸ˜‰

15 thoughts on “you? Dee? WORKING? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA….”

  1. My brother had 2 pet tortoises, but one ran away…2 years ago. Then, it was the 18x15x10cm. =(Can your new found tortoise be the same one? =)OH! There’s a junior in Sheffield with the name Desiree. According to ppl in Shef now, she’s quite ‘cun’!

  2. gizzy: omg…turtle fucker!! i think he was trying to run away from u laa..since u’ve been farking him..turtle fucker!! hehe

  3. congrats my dear girl. what job issit where? about the tortise if u plan to keep it be prepared for the smell, hahaha

  4. OH OH!! Aiseh..forgot my main objective for this post earlier…CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW JOB WEN DEE!!! xes: U want ar..sure! Come to Sheffield lar!chuoming: It doesn’t smell that bad one ar..just have to ‘mandi’ it frequently! hehehee

  5. hehe thanks everybardy! Let’s hope all goes well, I really dunno what to expect yet.i tink i will take a pic of Coolio later to see if any you guys recognize him as ur tortoise šŸ˜€

  6. ehhehe….my mom fund a toitoise too once, but according to some ppl around its not good to pick up a freed tortoise?? apparently its bad karma? dunno leh…… we ended up let it go…*sob* its a cute one tho, but all lazy to rare it…ekkekee

  7. disclamer, us does not include chuo ming .. sorry ming, i know how much u miss, char keow teow, hokkien mee, laksa and great great sea food, but sadly you are just beyond the proximity protocal…did i mention the fantastic maggi goreng u love at al kencana?ohh well 1 year is not too far away…. see u soon buddy šŸ™‚

  8. irene:yeah must let go-wan, let go already into the pond near kiara, hc: thanks šŸ˜€ and i suppose chuo ming has to settle for his one and only fried rice for now!!gguni: stress and shit is only so if that’s how u make out of it šŸ˜‰

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