My Birthday 2005

Birthday wishes.
Just like the previous years, I compiled all the birthday wishes that I received on my birthday. Few years back, it was just plain SMS, IRC, email and ICQ messages. But now, it has evolved to MSN and even FRIENDSTER TESTIMONIAL!! Wtf!!
MSN & Website
yVONnest says:
oh ya, happy early birthday
yVONnest says:
to yooooooouuuuuuuuuuu
yVONnest says:
u born in the zooooooooooooooo
yVONnest says:
drink monkey susuuuuuuuuuuu
yVONnest says:
and all you do is poooooooooooooooooooooo
l i q u i d r a t z says:
sow says:
sow says:
delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol *o* f.k.a…:::.[ ]ªªHk¡ån[G].::.. says:
dontana Techno Baby für Leben! says:
happy birthday!
dontana Techno Baby für Leben! says:
Hen: Oi bro, happy birthday…seriously sleepy. Anyway wish you a brightful year ahead laaaa..hou lan chui..night buddy!
Shee Yee: Hey sexson!!Happy happy bday! Enjoy ur day!! 😉
ChoiHsia: Happy birthday! wish you all the best!
Hyong: Delivery of special Cake from Me 2 u..Happy birthday! Hy
aAahim: Haha.. Serious klfc? Alrightey.. Happy Bday !!
JaCJaC: Happy birthday!
Linn: Happy bday!
Lynnzter: Happy Birthday!
Janet: Oi happy birthday. Sheesh older again..Better not celebrate. Hehe.Kidding. Take all booze u wan man..Hav a great one.
Ivan: Happy birthday fucker! Ivan & lyn 😉
Kelynn: Happy birthday! One year older, one year wiser, hehe 😉 c u tmr, ivn + lyn
Tracy: Tanjoubi omedetou! Ii koto arimasu you ni. 😉
Darren: Hey leong happy birthday , have a good time there 🙂
Zing: eh fucker forgot to wish you happy birthday
Amos: Happy Birthday!
SharonD: Uncle! Sori cant mke it. Not feeling well today. Terpengsan in d afternoon. Gona stay home. Promise will make it up to u nx wk! Happy Birthday! 🙂
WaiKeong: Sorry boy.. Cant manage to come.. Got company event.. Btw happy birthday ya..!
Michie: Happy birthday bitch! Hehe have a gud one!
Lola: Oi! Happy birthday leongugu! Heh sorry ah abit belated! Why enver get drunk wan! Lousy!
Happy Birthday…
Message: ello BIG boy..
think u must be out celebrating ur birthday rite
now… sapsamyi here to wish u Happy Birthday
and may ur wish comes true larr…. we keep in
touch okie..
take care…
cheers ya!
Ah Mook
TuLipLuCy, Sunday, September 25, 2005:
Happy birthday!!!!
am sure you had a wonderful and enjoyable celebration.
michaeL, Sunday, September 25, 2005:
happy bday biatch 😀
cya back in m’sia 😀
oldieee now.. bwahahahahahhahaaa 😀
mie, Saturday, September 24, 2005:
* happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to XES,
happy birthday to you!!! *
` ` Joyeux Anniversaire.
` ` Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag.
` ` HaPpy BirtHdAy ! ~
^.^ mie

All to those who wishes me on the forum, thanks!

My friends organized 3 different events for my bday day.

1st was lunch @ Hideki Japanese Restaurant @ One Bangsar. Pictures can be seen @ Sui Lin’s website @

2nd was crabbing session with high school friends. It was a joint celebration with Kiang who celebrated his birthday on the 17th of September. Pictures will be posted later.

3rd was Cristo’s, one of the pubs around Hartamas. I had my birthday there last year where I ended up lying drunk on the street. This time round, only 50% of the bombing participants from last year came. The absentees were either sick, busy or not in town.

Starters – warming up..

However, this time round, my high school friends, Him and his girlfriend, Kiang, Ping, Tay, Jin Han and lasy year’s participants, Sui Lin, Sam, Sow and Cris came. It was also a joint birthday thingie with Kiang.

The Gang

Kiang & Jin Han

Sam & I

Ping loves Heiniken

Going to Cristo’s was my own suggestion actually although I had a choice to go to Hardsequance at Glow. It was a suicidal move to go to Cristo. BUT!! I had a plan!!

I had quite a number of beers and a shot of salmonella (no idea how you spell it) sambuca courtesy of Him.
Me: Who bought me this crap?? (pointing @ the shot of salmonella sambuca)
Him: Don’t know ooh…

That was one of my strategies of the night. Whoever who buys me a drink will get one in return. This would instil fear on them!

Kiang after having a shot of ‘salmonella’sambuca.
Lit it up!!

Of course, this strategy has its weaknesses. Imagine if everyone buys me a shot in return, I’ll be sleeping the hospital morgue the next day.

My plan has also been long planned. One of the plans were to make agreements with other people who asked for favours or who were having their birthdays. For example, Cris and Sow whom I promised not to bomb them on their birthdays had to promise in return, they must not bomb me.

Photographer of the night – Cris

While discussing on how to bomb me..
Sow: you know what you guys should do??
Me: SOW SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! WE HAD AN AGREEMENT. YOU MUST HONOUR IT!!! (I was quite drunk by then…)
Sow: …

However, the beers almost killed me. I hardly remember what happened 5 seconds ago!

uuhhh..what happened..

Someone bought me a shot of tequila. Mixing alcohol would no doubt kill me hence I came up with another plan. It was a 50/50 chance, all I had to do is play a game with someone, loser drinks.
Tay was my victim. I managed to coax him into playing ‘chai wui’, a sort of drinking game which involves 2 parties where one would come up with certain hands movements and the other one would have to parry them.

Tay & I

We started off with beer.

First Round: He lost. He drank a sip of beer.
Second Round: I lost. I drank sip of beer.
Then it came to the tequila.
Tay: O_O!!!!!
He lost! He had to drink my tequila. WOOHOO!!
Me: O_O!!!!!!!
2nd round came.
Tay: TUI TUI!!
Me: Wahhhh…luckily… SAP!! SAP MM!!
(then proceeds to point to the tequila)
Me: YAM AHh!!! (DRINK AH!!)
Everyone: O_O!!!!
He lost!!! Wooohooo!!!

I left the Cristo’s drunk but still standing. Thank you all for coming. Thank you for not buying me a flaming Lamborghini or a Graveyard or even Around the World. I couldn’t have coaxed anyone to drink that for me!

18 thoughts on “My Birthday 2005”

  1. next year you can bomb me if you want, however inaction on your part does not mean you choose not tobomb. i make sure you forget you have legs.

  2. Happy belated birthday!! 😀 Older and wiser now eh? 😉 I got thrown into a swimming pool for a birthday before, and this year my friends promised me a tattoo, luckily there wasn’t drinking session or else I might wake up with one on my backside XD Cheers!

  3. Hey, happy birthday! Oh, and it was sambuca and not salmonella. Salmonella is that bacteria in contaminated foods lah! Was thinking that was a weird name for a drink.

  4. dude… wish i was there. altho i know u dont. heehee. dont worry, that same time… next year… i’l be there! heehee. chenghai got salmonella arh? heehee. disease! sembuca is GOOD! oh sooo good. heheeh

  5. dilirius: yaya papaya, saya kaya raya, mau pigi korea?
    Applegal: so did u get a tattoo? doraemon tattoo weii
    peggy: thanks!! yes i was O_O
    SuiLin: oooo later ill change it
    leesh: hek hek, oh yeah sambuca. culdnt reembers the name though, butthen again these drinks have all sorts of funny names e.g. quickfuck, ak47 etc
    gizzy: stfu laa next year there will be no celebration!! hehe!
    boobs: ( . ) ( . )
    huei: hehe thanks. so hows clp??
    Darren: kekek u can try that on ur bday next year. remember its sambuca!

  6. very slow..but Happy Belated Birthday !!! =p … but where can the bday boy not get drunk…tsk tsk … hehe … glad u enjoyed it… cya around =)

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