The REAL world

Today when i went to buy mixed rice for dinner,
me: Aunty, i don’t want so much rice. Fat already…
Aunty: Aiya, fat good wah.
me: no lar, later not eng tao, boh lan ai (Not handsome, no one want me)…
Aunty: Nevermind, you got car. A lot of girls will like you even if you are very fat.
me: but…
Aunty: Aiya, this world is very realistic one. Got car, got money, people will look up to you.
The Aunty was definately right…
In another incident, i met up with my highschool mate, R.
R: Eh Frank, i met up with JS the other day.
me: ooooh…
R: I told him that you are making RM8,000 per month
me: WTF? Why you lie to him.
R: If i don’t, he will look down on you.
me: But that is like 10x of my actual chambering allowance wei!!!
R: You want him to look down on you like last time ar?
me: ……
Honestly, i don’t give a damn what people think of me. That car is not my mine and i am a poor chambering student. But i do appreciate R’s effort to shut JS’s mouth up by telling a white lie. Thank you, R.

11 thoughts on “The REAL world”

  1. if the person admire you for your wealth, this kinda admiration is not worth for.. better to be admired cos of self integrity and personality than anything else..

  2. frank ur friend is damn stupid. u making 800 he tell ur friend 8000 then when that guy find out it will be even worse. and someone who looks down on u why do u bother anyway.

  3. Dun give a damn what people think of you. It is you who knows yourself best. Do and pursue things that you yourself want, regardless of how people view you. Not everyone’s judgement and opinions matters.
    Wanna be fat or thin, this totally depends on you la. If you wanna lose weight, have the will power to do so and stick to your discipline.
    Or perhaps you’re worried that “ppl” wun want u… then make that your motivation and pillar to lose weight!
    AKAKAKAKAKAKA! God, Im mean…

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