My Birthday 2008

Unlike my birthday for the past few years, I didn’t compile a list of birthday wishes that I received. September was a really hectic month.
I always have this perception that the amount of birthday wishes I received is a indication of how I have been as a friend to my friends. The more wishes I receive, the better friend I’ve been. With the amount of wishes I receive this year, I think this year I haven’t been a very good friend! My apologies!
I think it’s a little bit too late to compile a list, but I think it would be nice to highlight one special message I receive from a guy friend of mine..

    Dear old love. Ur 1 yr older now. But still good looking. Keep up. Let my love last 4ever. Happy Birthday. – sexual predator.

Just like last year, I had couple of rounds of birthday parties.
As usual, my parents, A and I had dinner at Klang Seafood restaurant @ Teluk Gong, Klang. We had our usual ChewChau steamed fish, Tongpou Sotong and Nga Choi. We had so much until I almost exploded.
My colleagues also tried to surprise me with a cake. It failed but it was nice of them to buy me a cake and let me smash it with a cake knife before blowing the candles.
My old Sheffield University mates also organised birthday lunch at Delicious @ Bangsar Village II.

Old Sheffield University mates
As usual, I had to pull off a candle buried deep on my cake. This time round, I came up with a special technique to avoid having my face smashed on the cake.

But KF wasn’t so lucky on his birthday.

Beverly, Adrian and Frederick were also nice enough to meet up for dinner at a Korean restaurant and treated me dinner. I ate so much until my stomach felt like exploding.
My high school friends also organised a joint birthday dinner with Yong Lin and Kiang at Jarrod Rawlin, Damansara Heights. A few of us brought along our own bottle of alcohol. We managed to persuade the management to give us discount on the corkage. By the time we finished all the bottles, Kiang was on his way home and Yong Lin and I were half dead.

The High School gang
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

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  1. CL: i used this technique during my bday, but ended up, each of my mates use the knife to put foundation on my face. lolx. thanks to lee amos the Head of the make up artis gang.

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