Rising Crime Rate

Just last week, my friend’s mother’s car got hijacked at a car park of a well known shopping centre in Petaling Jaya. I’m not very sure on the details but what happened was that the hijacker got into the car and ran over the exit barrier. Fortunately, my friend’s mother was not injured.
On Wednesday, my mum’s handbag got snatched by a snatch thief on a motorcycle. We just had dinner at our usual restaurant at United Garden. Mum’s car was parked just few cars away from the entrance. Mine was located on the other side. After we finished dinner, we parted and we moved towards our own cars. The snatch thief grabbed her handbag and left my mum with a bruised arm. Fortunately, she wasn’t seriously hurt and she didn’t have any important documents in her handbag.
Last night, another friend of mine got mugged by two Indonesian on a motorcycle at Lorong Dungun, Damansara Heights. She was standing on the side on the road waiting for boyfriend. Suddenly, two Indonesian grabbed her bag and threw her down on the floor. One of them stepped on her while another one went to retrieved her handbag. The Indonesians fled after that. My friend was fortunate to escape unhurt. But poor girl was traumatized.
And all these happened within two weeks. Please remind your love ones to be careful.

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