My Coke Can Collection

Last week, I returned home to find a group of workers cleaning up my Mum’s room. Mum got hold of a contractor to fix her floorboard and they had to remove everything from my Mum’s room. The contractor made a mess out of the place.
My coke can collection, which is placed outside my Mum’s room, was all over the floor.
Then I realised something. My coke can which I bought from Korea was in Mum’s room. It was opened! Upon inspection, I discovered that they have used it as an ashtray!

Me: Oi boss, I bought this from Korea man, why did you use it as an ashtray??
Contractor: oh, sorry. It fell on the floor and it broke. The coke gushed out. We thought of getting rid of it.
Lies!! Lies!!!
Liar liar!! tetek (tits) on fire!!
I bet he drank it!!
Damn, but I didn’t pursue further after that.
Unknown to him, I bought the coke can 3 years ago. Bet he loved the expired aluminium diluted coca cola. Yeaaaaa tasty tastttyyyyyyyy!

13 thoughts on “My Coke Can Collection”

  1. should had let us in on your other obsession as well; we thought you’d only go crazy on doraemon. my sister has a lot of these vintage coke collection , but she went missing and we didn’t know what to do with the collection so we chuck it to the bin.
    i should had let u kept those.

  2. a sign… a sign to let go all ur coke collection. ahaha. why not auction it. could fetch alot of $$$.

  3. So sayang sial. I would have given him one good S-M-A-C-K.
    I was a hardcore coke collector since forever but since one by one they started bursting out of their cans, nowadays not so hot on collecting them di.

  4. vyctorya: yeah!! mine too! i found out that one of my older cans burst, few weeks after the burst. the liquid harden and started growing sporas .. uhh
    Darren: YEAH!!
    endroo: Im not sure but I had coke cans leaking coke!
    AYC: hehe i doubt anyone wanna buy la 😛

  5. My name is John and I am from Czech Republic. I’m a collector of Coca Cola cans. I would be interested in Thai cans of Coca Cola? You’re interested in exchange?

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