Sex on a Plane

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A businessman from Arizona started this business of chartering couples on a 90-minute flight for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or for nothing!
They fly around in the Arizona sky while couples take in the scenery and champagne and possibly try out their fantasy of having sex on a plane! *Wink wink wink wink*
Membership for the club is US$150 per annum, or for just $750, you can have that flight. [source]
Niceeeee, having to fulfill this fantasy, don’t you think? Get your partner to dress up as a pilot or stewardess at the same time. Woooooooooo ;D
I wonder if I’ll get to try it one day. I wanna be ‘plane naughty’, too!

13 thoughts on “Sex on a Plane”

  1. yo. me again. same person.
    i was thinking what IF 20 couples went on board. and things started to get wild (from alcohol, hot chicks, hot guys.. etc). gangbang perhaps?.. aha. just imagine that… after bimbo serve her partner..she went on to serve the rest of guys (19 of them)… and probably the rest of the crews including the captain. wow.. amazing. if u keep that time sure free trip. bimbo probably wont be able to walk for 1 week. keke..jz kidding only la. πŸ™‚
    hmm.. is the cabin crew position available? very interested. will be the 1st one to apply. hahaha.

  2. only 1 couple per flight! no one else on bored. but if you want to have an orgy, i think you can plan it….. ;P
    i will just bring the “pilot” to the toilet and bang ehehehehe

  3. bimbo…r u that horny? u said 1 couple.. then why the pilot come into the picture? 3’some perhaps?.. ahaha..or probably u ditch ur bf aside.. and had a quickie with the pilot. wow… bimbo the champ! rofl.

  4. Bimbobum, don’t you think you should stick 18-SX on certain posts? You don’t want kids to read this right? πŸ˜›

  5. visitor: so blur one u. “pilot” …… means i get my partner to dress up as pilot lor ;P
    Low: but although there are sexual innuendos there’s nothing explicit eh? ;D therefore, not necessary to label it 18-SX. i rest my case, your honour!

  6. hmmm…what about sex in outer-space. Doing it while your flying pass saturn’s rings or jupiter’s moons,
    err…probably be to busy star gazing instead.

  7. bimbobum for the sake of mankind you have to tell me who you are, I dont think there is another girl who is as honest with her feelings… or desires.. or whatever you call it

  8. AHLOKKOR: provide legal services with a secret discount then. ;D
    endroo G: but AirAsia always late. your mood will be ruined by then!
    KhinKo: u good or not first? wink wink wink
    visitor: abuthen???? partner has to pay for the flight wat! ;D
    chuoming: u just want me for my bodyyyyy (line taken from CARS, hehehe)
    Scuzzy: take trip may take years……

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