my ex-girlfriend is nuts.

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the ex-boyfriend’s side of the story
My ex-girlfriend (Clingy) drives me crazy. When we were going out, she used to come over almost everyday and i felt suffocated. I couldn’t go out with my friends without her (even if it was a male-bonding session over mamak) and sometimes she’d be calling me so many times on my mobile phone, just to find out if we could meet up after i went out with my friends. hello?? If i finish meeting up at my friends at 2am, it was still a must to either give her a call or meet up with her, and she stays pretty far from my place.
How could i not feel that she was controlling and clingy?
One of the things i really hated her for forcing me do it, was to burn the things which were left behind by an earlier ex. i didn’t burn it, but i’ve hidden it somewhere just in case she would want her things back.
The truth is, i think i’m not over the earlier ex, who made such a difference in my life. even my family noticed the changes in me, and i believe that they thought she was The One. well, i thought she was The One, too.
During my time with Clingy, i tried to win myself back into The One‘s good books. i kept in touch with her, i showed her my concern as much as possible, but it was difficult when Clingy was watching me all the time. i promised The One so many things, there was a lot i was willing to do for her.
But after a while, The One stopped contacting me. I was worried. I wanted to find out if she was going out with someone new, but she refused to tell me. How could she be over me already?? Nevertheless, I informed her through sms that she’d always be the one in my heart and I’d have her in my thoughts most of the time.
It bugged me a lot and my mood affected my relationship with Clingy. she became more paranoid and demanded more attention from me.
One thing i know is that Clingy is definitely not ‘The One’. she’s a nice girl, but it stops there. we don’t share many interests together. She’s high maintenance.
I finally broke up with her because i couldn’t take the burden of having to show my concern for her almost 24 hours a day. phone calls and sms during the working hours and dinner and spending time after dinner together almost everyday, even with my family was just demanding too much of me!
But a week later, we got back together. Because she threatened suicide and I got scared. I think she’s sick in the head, too, when there were times she jokingly said that maybe she should get pregnant so we could get married. she’s nuts!
Whatever it is, i think she’s one hell of an insecure girl. I kind of regret getting together with her in the first place. She’s still her controlling and clingy self. Help.
Note: Don’t feel sorry for him. I think he’s an a-hole for trying to be a knight in shining armour to The One, yet playing Clingy for a fool. He even suggested to The One that if she needed attention (intimately) he would be willing to come over should she call. sick! bloody sex maniac….

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  1. so now which side should i side?
    mr asshole? or ms. clingy?
    very contradicting la.
    anyway i’m back from china and hk. pic in my blog.
    not much but will upload them later.

  2. ah a story of a crazy gal and an arse hole.. phewitt 2 also dun support.. suddenly i become relationship phobic d after reading this post :))

  3. hmmmm….the world is filled with farnee peeple…. ham sap lou….must have got into clingy’s pants and she started clinging onto him because he probably is good in bed……
    moral of the story: the cost of being ham sup…

  4. bimbo: if like that almost every man will be good in bed….Hmmm
    how will u know if someone is good in bed? i heard it’s thro his/her dancing…maybe this should be a forum topic..hahaha

  5. I don’t know why you would deem the guy “asshole” though. The only bad thing he did was probably getting together with Clingy in the 1st place as a rebound relationship. That mistake could happen to anyone IMHO since SOME people can’t bare to be single and would sometimes seek a “replacement” as soon as they break up.
    Clingy herself doesn’t help the situation by being overly possesive and threatening suicide. Even I’d be freaked if i had someone like her as a girl. The guy fell for her guilt trap and got back together with her out of pity/guilt, but then what’s the point of that?

  6. wow..all i can say is, both is gila!!! this guy should get over his ex too…i mean he broke up with The One..why would he care bout her now..unless he still have feelings for her..then the girl should not attempy suicide cause of him also..she should get over tat both also going the wrong way…now karheng mayb rite…being good in bed sometimes a plus..but even if being good in bed but the person is anti-social n end up not communicationg much 2 each tat wouldn’t be good rite?
    i think the best thing is to be their ownself and the opposite side should be with u or like u as wut u are..not by changin…well tats wut i think (i suffered from tat i know)

  7. wolfx: confirm hamsap la you. ‘bear’ also become ‘bare’…. ;P
    anyway, i say the guy is an a-hole because he knows it was just a rebound r-ship, especially during the time he just broke up with The One and before he got together with Clingy – he was actually spending some time trying to win The One back with phone calls, sms and casual dates.
    and rebound r-ships are usually quite tricky, you know the extent of your feelings for the girl is just so-so, then you kena a psycho chi sin girl… you’re stuck la! so who’s stupik?? ;P
    Abalon: EXACTLY. if you’ve not gotten over your ex, you get new gf for what? that’s why i say a-hole only had sex on his mind la!
    rych: i think you commented on wrong blog. that should have been for right? ;P
    xes, wolfx & karheng: damn sad, right, buy women’s weekly to fap? ppl in there give household tips and you bring into the loo to fap?
    “use lemon juice to get rid of stains on white shirts and the stains will disappear!”
    *fapfapfap in toilet*
    FHM France? got hairy armpits and legs one?

  8. insomnia: playgirls also got. jump from one sugar daddy to another. ;P
    AHLOKKOR: aiks. good in bed mah make his bed la. ehehe. i is lame. ;P he memang trying to be hero, not only The One he tried to be in good terms with after the break up, but the other ex BEFORE The One. also same thing, made an ‘offer’ if she needed a FB he’d be willing. ughhhhhh

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