MyKad Woes

The latest hoohaa on our Malaysian law is the MyKad (Identity Card) law. Under the National Registration Regulations 1990, a person who has been issued an identity card must at all times carry on his person the identity card or otherwise face imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or to a minimum fine of RM3000 and a maximum fine of RM20,000. Unknown to many people, this law has been around for ages.
Forgetting your MyKad is a very serious offence. During my short stint as a volunteer at the Criminal Magistrate Court, I had to mitigate for a young (18 years old) boy who forgot to bring his identity card. He was arrested after he failed to produce his identity card.
Despite my plea to the court to release the boy on a good behavior bond without sureties and without recorded conviction due to the triviality of the matter and also because he is a young first offender, the Learned Magistrate imprisoned the boy for 2 months. This is not the only incident. There were many other cases as well.
There are other trivial things we see everyday that amount to an offence. For example under Minor Offences Act:-
S27. Beggars
(c) every person begging in a public place, or in a place to which the public are admitted without payment or on payment, or using in any such place conduct calculated to induce the giving of alms (whether or not there is any pretence of singing, playing, performing, offering anything for sale or otherwise), and having or able to have other
lawful means of livelihood;
shall be deemed to be an idle and disorderly person and shall be liable to a fine not exceeding one hundred ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one month or to both.
25A. Wearing, possessing or manufacturing of camouflage uniform.
(1) Any person, not being a member of the armed forces of Malaysia or of a visiting force, who wears any camouflage uniform or any part thereof or anything resembling a camouflage uniform or has in his
possession, custody or control any camouflage cloth or camouflage uniform or any part thereof or anything resembling any camouflage cloth shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction
to a fine not exceeding five hundred ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to both.
6. Dog running at persons, etc.
If it is proved to the satisfaction of a magistrate that any dog is in the habit of running at persons or at vehicles, horses, cattle, sheep, goats or pigs passing along a public road, the owner of such dog shall be liable to a fine not exceeding one hundred ringgit.
Let me know if you can’t understand the sections that I posted 😛

29 thoughts on “MyKad Woes”

  1. Eh sounds like Basking is considered begging too and they can catch and imprison me? >_>
    How bout those blind man and makcik ppl goin around asking for money? Those can kena imprison too?

  2. i dont think basking is considered as begging :p yea so long they are begging, they have committed an offence 😛

  3. nerdyfred: they court usually dont impose the maximun fine on offenders. in kl, the practice is around RM3K. if you say u have lost it, how u gonna prove it? :p

    9pm(Saturday) – lost MYKAD (Due To Kes Ragut)
    11AM (Sunday) – Go Out To Eat
    12PM (Sunday) – Kana Arrested???

  5. so what about those army pants that ppl usually wear? that’s committing an offence too?
    but yeah, i always carry MyKad with me 😀 Gets me into casinos and stuff. just saves me lotsa troubless. teehee…

  6. xes: you have to prove that you lost your mykad (omg horrible bastardisation of english…), instead of the prosecution proving that you *didn’t* lose it?
    how horrible…doesn’t that go against the principles of the criminal law, that the state with its unlimited resources/power has to prove everything? hmm…i really had no idea malaysian law was so draconian…

  7. Darren: yeah la mah guai fan.
    Mei: it is an offence even if you wear camoflagued bra and panties. 😀
    tr[n]ty: yes, in criminal law, the state has the burden of proof. but bear in mind that those who assert must prove. if u are caught without an identity card, thats enough to put u in jail.

  8. I’m not aware about the camouflage outfits law. But.. I know that we’re not allowed to wear full camouflage and go shopping. I mean wearing long-sleeved shirt and long pants. Thats very idiotic even if the law permits. So now I can be arrested for wearing camo suits when I play paintball ??
    But those 3 quarter camo pants should be ok coz in the army they dont have those pants. But if you visit Pertama Complex, they are some shops selling uniforms like any other boutiques. What say u?

  9. endrooG: the rm3k fine is abolished but that you must still bring your identity card along at all times 😛 you will still get arrested 😛
    as for the camouflage outfit law, the law is hardly enforced. i think they should abolish it by now.

  10. XES: I believe you have only highlighted a few of these ridiculous laws. If you compile all of them (ridiculous laws), I believe the list will be miles away. I feel like I am living in a communist country.

  11. I know that we still must bring along the MyKad to wherever. It has always been a habit since n years ago. Just thinking of a colleague who leaves his wallet (with only the IC and driving license) in the car when he is in office. I fooked him many times.
    The camo outfit law… does it really matter if they abolish it or not? I mean… no one really give a sheet, do they? If you ask any tom dick and hairy…. no one really aware of it… like me too, before reading this post. Ha.

  12. sigh…does this means tat i should superglue myKad to my forehead? or wallet on my butt? last time got liddat wan meh??
    myKad this time so ppl won’t 4get to take it out…next…rules saying tat u mus bring anything more than rm500 in ur wallet (to give duit kopi when kena stop by them[dirty cops]) kkekek XD

  13. but wouldnt it be an offence for them to strip me down to just my underwear with no good reason? teeheehee…
    so i can counter-sue them, can’t i??

  14. I felt that i’m living in a lame country,starting to hate m’sia bcuz of this kind of prosecution…But hell yea,i always bring my mycard with me,so big adi still use photocopy meh?lolz,but if for those 12yrs student macam mana??if they bring the original mycard,nanti hilang,pay rm100??lolz, ridiculous isn’t??
    and Xes: in the previous post,u mean tat if a person failed to present their mycard when asked,on da sport rm3K??

  15. AHLOKOR: long list? you mean like the one america has? kekeke reminds me of the no kissing by law ;P
    endroo G: i dont think police would bother arresting people for that. times have changed, but the laws havent. thats msia law for you.
    insomnia: nah.. the rules were made for a reason :p
    Avalondevil: the purpose of a heavy sentence is to deter people from doing that act. in this case, to deter people for not bringing their mykad out 😛
    Mei: if they need u to strip, please call me immediately so that i can watch 😛 hwahah no la, they cannot force u to strip. only arrest u on the spot 😛
    khinko: u dont get fined on the spot, but instead, arrested and put to lock up and then presented before a magistrate 😀
    dont get arrested on friday night! u have to wait till monday 😛
    fr0stie: kekeke can be used again your neighbours 😛
    nerdyfred: I am not from the bar council. I am a member of the Bar 😛 complain? no use la. its too trivial

  16. if u were talking about camo panties n bra…i have a fren who is a soldier…bought a camo underwear and swim in it illegally in condominiums during midnites!! HAHAHAH….now u hav to arrest him!!

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