my knee still feels funny..

I thought of this while I was stoned last night. It’s an undeniable fact that to live is to suffer as everyday we are subjected to pressure, heartaches, tiredness and so on. Despite all those, people kept on advising me not to take stimulants such as drugs and alcohol as it would fuck up my body. But wait, those stimulants made me feel much calmer, happier and the troubles that worry me no longer affects me. Hence, what’s the problem of taking stimulants? Everybody wants to be happy, why not take stimulants? It would make us feel much better (obviously there are after effects for taking excessive stimulants but obviously, there are argument against my point) and make our troubles go away. Obviously, excessive stimulants fuck up your body. However, it’s either you go through a torturous normal day with all the stress, pressures, heartaches and bad memories (without fucking up your body of course) or a day without trouble on your mind (with the expense of fucking up your body). What say you?

Enough of those craps, btw Happy Father’s Day Dad (Hope he’s not reading this)!

Ah yes, 16 Watson Road road trip to Lake District tomorrow! See you guys in 2 days!

p/s love, stop smoking and drink less! hehe

10 thoughts on “my knee still feels funny..”

  1. your bong is beautiful! 🙂 mine doesn’t look good, but it’s functional. noticed that we smoke the same brand of cigs too. heh. anyway stimulants, my favorite thing in the world! they make me much more productive so i think i can justify taking them, although i do take rather large amounts. but hey, we only live once. 🙂

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