p-a-r-t-why? coz I LIKE

~Sex & drugs & rock and rave,
let?s get smashed and misbehave.
On speed and weed and little e’s,
let?s get fucked and talk to trees.
Life?s a trip and then you’ll die,
so fuck em all and let’s get high?~

– Poh Oon 😉 so come on, let?s go let?s go!!

I AM DONE! I AM FINALLY DONE!!! Naturally a hoarder, I usually keep all my lecture notes, articles, books and stuff for purely sentimental reasons but this time, ah fuck it, THIS BUNCH OF CRAP IS GOING INTO THE BLUE BIN OUTSIDE!!!! Thinking about it, maybe.. maybe I WILL BURN IT! yES YEs and watch the licking flames dissolve the paper away and ashes float around me while I run around it laughing out loud…. until I render myself unconscious on the ground, patting my stomach… muahHhhahAHhhahHAhahaa….

How ironic it is, I have no reason to sleep early or to wake up early coz I have nothing to do but my body decides to revolt and suddenly decides to takes me to dreamland by 10pm and I will be wide awake by 6am every morning. Curses! But then again, waking up these days is like waking up suddenly in the morning thinking, shit, you are late for class or something and then you realise, hey, it?s a Saturday morning? 😀

Tomorrow we are going on our Watson 16 roadtrip to Lake District!!! Well, at least I hope we are going? we haven?t rented our second car yet and we haven?t even planned our journey. But no worries, I guess – last minute stuff, we are good at these kinda shit. There will be 10 of us, 2 cars, 2 rooms ? chaos~~~ It will also be Alex?s birthday on the 17th, don?t tell him but we are gonna toss him into the lake. 😀 (can already imagine the vulgarities he would be spewing at us ? ?chaaauuuuuu cheeeeeeeeee bwaaaaaiiiiiiiiii?.!?) This may be one of the last few times we are gonna be as one group before we all leave for our prospective plans and holidays? *cries* Love you guys?

There are these 2 guys in Melbourne and Perth who I really wanna be there for right now. I wish I could teleport myself over there with just a snap of my fingers and talk to you guys face to face. Chatting online or on the phone is soOoo not enough. Tucks ? good luck for your exams, be tough for me, ok? I will be there soon. Oon ? You deserve so much better than that. Cool down first, no use getting so worked up about the insignificant. Much love out to you two? Wait till the 3 of us are together again, like how Tucks puts it, It would be awesome, wicked and insane! We’ll rock so hard, the Southern Hemisphere will experience a massive earthquake! 😀 Right on?. *HuGs**


10 thoughts on “p-a-r-t-why? coz I LIKE”

  1. Hiya, Guess you got the after effects of Exams stress. I deleted all my notes & assignments from my pc as well, after backing it up on CDR. My notes & books are way off somewhere now. Did this on my final day too 13th June! Yeah it sux when u wake up suddenly and think, do i need to study? fuck its all over. =)

  2. yay for wen dee! it’s alllllll over! no more exams and classes, EVER 🙂 now come home [after your road trip] so we can all go yum cha!!! 😛

  3. babe, i can’t wait 2!! dying dying dying to be the queen of the hse again..no more washing n cleaning, and babe..no more de-BoNING!!! muahaha

  4. Everyone’s going home after graduation in July. And Guess i’m the only one staying back till Sept to finish my project. Sad Case… Congrats to those who’s graduating in July! 🙂

  5. awWww man. ur making me blush. (like on msn). but u know it takes more then ‘dust’ to bring me down rite. perth is just waiting for you with its wide open arms. any country would look better with someone like u in it. as ali g would put it, we only let ‘fit’ ones in. and baby you’re FffiiNneeE… 😉

  6. Sui Lin, aLi> thank you for the good wishes!!eraine> WOO HOO!!!!siew lee> deboning? my mum already booked me for that alreydeh!!!! oon> wAHhahahHha!! 😀

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