my name is Emma bitch..

Last night, Sui Lin and I met up with Lynnzter, Frostie and Wookookoo and his friend Yani at La Bodega, Bangsar.

Yani has a friend working as a make up artist. His name was Gavin (No relation to Gavin Tan) and now his name is EMMA. He/She swore that if any of his friends call him Gavin again, he will slap them.

And one day,

“Hey Gavin!”


My name is EMMA..bitch.. (I added this line haha)

11 thoughts on “my name is Emma bitch..”

  1. i came across this page and i was watching your shuffle clip, yeah, you’re good honestly. i think the term used to describe emma/gavin is more likely to be said ‘it’. haha. ;D cheers.

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