negative comment from chuo ming

A negative comment from chuo ming.

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xes: yeah at least i post more interesting stuff then stupid clubbing scenes over and over again with pics of all the ah bengs

Posted by chuoming @ 03/16/2004 02:31 PM GMT

Ah Beng = a no-nonsense simpleton stereotype that usually wears anything with bright-neon-colors like hand-phone, hair, car, etc.

Do you agree? 😀

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  1. hmm…. wat xes is trying to do is try to bring to life the atmosphere that we experienced at reinforce03. hell…. wouldn’t you put pics of your weekly sua tu hunts with your sakai friends.

  2. Chuo Ming, you’re the Ah Beng la!! How can you say that to people’s friends! Didn’t anyone teach you some manners? Tsk Tsk..

  3. sometimes..things are quite funny in life, when we go oversea…we will be able to see a typical teenage white guy wearing bright t-shirts with bright “neo colors” accesories and a car which are modified like a UFO..hehehehe….and we call it cool…but when this prospective thinking involved with Malaysian ..we call it lala or ah beng….well…i am trying to discover what had lead us to think in this way or is it a mindset which means that a white guys will always look cool in that way but if we copy them…then we r all ah beng???…is it true then?? or is it the white guys who is a ah beng which lead us into one?? Can anybody answer this question???

  4. ah bengs mostly in warp ah, 212 ah, infinity ah those kinda places….seldom at raves chuoming 😛 ting tit lei 😛

  5. if u guys realise, i didn’t post this comment here, it’s my own opinion and i am entitled to it, i’m not forcing anyone to agree with me. i never said all xes’ friends are ah bengs, but if i think some of them look like ah bengs i dont think there is anything wrong with that, don’t tell me none of u never ever stereotyped anyone. furthermore i never mentioned any names anyway. and talk about insulting friends, what about the whole long blog making fun of me for the small ignorant mistake i made? tell me, which is more insulting, a small comment on ppl looking like ah bengs, who truthfully might well be, or a whole blog with pictures just with the intention of embarrasing and making fun someone? unless of course xes does not treat me as a friend, then i have nothing to say, but if he does, use logic and try to decide, which is more insulting?fact is, me and xes has never been the best of friends, we have had various conflicts before. i thought things have become better, or so i thought, apparently he still sees alot of fun in embarrasing me. and just to clarify, i dont think anyone with bright colour artificial hair and UFO type cars are cool, no matter which part of the world they come from.

  6. chuoming: the sentence you wrote implies that everyone who appeared on my website is an ahbeng. anyone who read it thinks its offensive. Since you’re talking about my friends, who are also regulars of this website, i dont think they’re happy being branded as ah beng. it’s not a small comment. it might be a small comment to you, but i take it personally as i am very protective of my friends. You can insult me, but not my friends. as for the long blog making fun of you, you never bothered to apologize for your mistake and further, u said, cause i want him to change it :PbPbPb Posted by chuoming @ 03/07/2004 08:32 AM CST it sounds liek you delibrately post your password up, rather than on mistake. anyway, the ahbeng definition comes from a website.

  7. it’s like arguing with a stone brick but i guess it’s worth another u honestly think i posted the password on this website on purpose? then what do u want me to say? “oh i’m damn stupid i go and post my password”? i might be stupid for doing that but if u think i did it deliberately u r even dumber than i for the comment, like i said, it’s my own opinion and i’m not pointing a gun at anyone asking them to agree with me. u made a whole blog about me being a sohai and whether or not i apologised it doesnt add up. and u don’t see me going around condemning u for doing it do u?this was supposed to be an argument just btw u and me but obviously u saw the need to publicise it and gather the support of your friends. oh well then, bring it on. i’d avoid an open argument but since u have made it public i won’t step down.

  8. actually i don’t like reading blogs because most of them bore the crap out of me. however, this one is really good and i enjoy reading it very much – it’s both informative and entertaining, a combination you don’t get very for that “ah beng” comment…i looked at those pictures of xes’ friends and read the definition of “ah beng”….i think we all know that they do not fit that definition.umm…and by the way, that ivan guy is cute *giggles*

  9. well since you openly insulted my friends and commented on my website, i think it is right for me to post it up for my friends to read. you just have to face the consequences of insulting my for the long blog, then i guess you are just dumb enough to post your password on the website.meletri: thanks. chuoming has problem differentiating who’s an ahbeng and whois not 😀 and yeah ivan is still single. you might wanna come to Malaysia to see him 😀

  10. i doubt that is the reason. u just can’t take on an argument on your own and need the help of your friends. coward

  11. u know, this whole verbal warfare has taken an ugly turn, which just isn’t worth feeling shit about. so stop it, guys, and the term ‘Ah Beng’ is just absolutely relative, and it ain’t necessarily a bad thing, even…losing a friend is bad, but even worse in acircumstance like this, which is essentially, all a great big misunderstanding.

  12. I have heard from collegues that you are one FAT bitch, but according to you that’s relative as well right? CM should be belittled for his remarks, how dare he pass judgement upon us.

  13. dear ah beng, these colleagues you speak about must be riding high in the heavens with angels seeing as to how you swallow their words intrinsically like a venus flytrap. bravo to your bravery of making an argument by way of attacking the physique of others (short, fat). you sure are rude equipped with the rationality of a potato, and this certainly is relative to the way your parents brought you up (i’m sorry, perhaps they still are working on it)

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