Bad luck every Friday

Last Friday, I was summoned by the police for parking illegally in Sunway.

And this Friday, my car broke down in Sunway. The battery ran flat after I accidentally left my lights on.

So after 10 or more phone calls, nobody has a jump start cable. By then, the car park was beginning to turn dark and the mosquitoes were hunting for blood. I was unfortunately attacked by mosquitoes for half an hour.

My friends gave me different advices namely call AAM, jump start my car and also buy a new car battery.

Then Abby Lu came to the rescue! She brought me to the nearest workshop. However, we realize that both of us don’t have enough money to get a new battery.

Fortunately, one of Choon Huei’s friends has a jump start cable and within no time, Choon Huei saved me from my misery and mosquitoes attack.

In order to repay her for her good deed, I bought her a delicious Super Spicy Taiwanese Sausage. Too bad she couldn’t finish it 😀

2 thoughts on “Bad luck every Friday”

  1. seems dat u are jinx in sunway man…hahahha….esp on fri….. har?? super spicy??? thats how u repay ur fren’s good deed??? teruk nyaaa!!!!

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