New Club: Euphoria – Ministry of Sound, Kuala Lumpur

Couple of months back, I posted an entry that a well know superclub from the United Kingdom, Ministry of Sound will be opening a new club in Kuala Lumpur. It’s now open!

Check out their official website:

They put up contact details of the person in charge if you want to book a table or even the VIP table.
Some pictures of the place stolen from Peng’s facebook. 😛 Thanks Penguin

Wow, designated smoking area. Does that mean no smoking in the club?

13 thoughts on “New Club: Euphoria – Ministry of Sound, Kuala Lumpur”

  1. One can only hope that its no smoking in the club but then its malaysia. people will just light up anyway… and subject the non smokers to a tobaccao filled atmosphere…

  2. Are MOS clubs in Europe all smoke-free? Or is this one just trying to follow Singapore? IMO, it won’t work… Not unless the LAW actually prohibits smoking in clubs. Or… MOS M’sia will suffer loss of popularity.

  3. Darren: nowadays i find that the KL-lites are moving towards R&B. Just a general observation.
    eksk: yup i think that will happen..we can foresee loads of fights!
    alsera: I don’t recall the clubs in UK being smoke free. But i think certain countries in Europe does prohibit smoking in clubs.

  4. yes ‘no smoking’ signs were plastered across all areas of the club except for that room. last night’s guests were also pretty civilised cuz everyone obliged to move to the smoking room when they feel like having a stick! =)
    was there yest to chk it out during the vvip launch party. pretty good setup of everything, especially the console! pretty small capacity though, compared to MOS sg which has different themed rooms.
    go chk it out. least we will have something to talk abt for the nx few mths to come. hehehe

  5. Aunty: retired liao. dowan to go hehe
    chikhan: wow, please take some pictures for our viewing!
    Darren: r&b better! no sausage party!
    Amos: YEAH!!!!

  6. MoS in UK is not as popular as the other ‘more happening’ clubs, despite being quite expensive. It just doesn’t live up to the name.
    Clubs in UK are smoke free. All of them, even the pubs.

  7. Hotest club i ever bin , um just a visitor from pakistan i need this song which played plzz 🙁
    what it call?????? please help i need &&&& want thits it!!!!!
    dont kno – ________________________________
    not suer – (words)
    song :
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    kldjst gku;adr ebgdkabgadkr.g d.krgkv
    want so so so so so so lots
    cry aaaa

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