Clubbing on Sunday

I always have this perception that Sunday is gay night for most clubs in Kuala Lumpur It would be the night where house music is played – sweaty topless men grind with each other on the dance floor and shaking like sotongs (cuttlefish). However, I never clubbed on Sunday hence it was purely assumptions.
Recently, I found one event on Facebook – held on Sunday at one of the famous clubs in Kuala Lumpur. The flyer was rather intriguing. It had a picture of a naked man with a suggestive title that indicates that the event is only for men.

I went through their “Confirm Guest” List and I notice that most of them are guys – pretty boys and muscular.

Some of the attendees’ Facebook profiles were open and on their “Interested in” section, it was stated “Men”.

And I was invited to this event -_-


Notwithstanding the above, the thing that interests me is the DJ of the night, DJ Ann Ang.

According to her Facebook, she said she’s a DJ based in KL and a ladyboy.


Ladyboy or not, she is no doubt a good DJ. This is evident from the mixes that she posted on her IMEEM. Makes me wanna take off my shirt and dance like sotong!! YEAAA!!!

Just kidding.

Cream (Princess Ann vs Robbie Rivera Re-Tribal Mix).mp3 – Federico Franchi

Sandy Lam – Diva (Princess Ann Tribal Mix).mp3 –

The Nighttrain 2008 (Princess Ann vs JR Triba-Up Mix) – D.O.N.S & DBN feat Kadoc
Tribal mixes – Great build up and execution!

Check out:
Her Facebook for info. Don’t bother adding her if you’re not a PLU (people like us, a gay slang denoting homosexual individuals)
Her Imeem for more music!

5 thoughts on “Clubbing on Sunday”

  1. Eh… How’d a shaking-sotong dance look like? Care to demonstrate? Heehee
    Great tunes! A bit too light for my liking tho…
    In terms of looks, some of these ladyboys are handsdown when compared to female 😛

  2. what the hell is a ladyboy?? a dyke? or aqua? and why the hell are you blogging about gay clubbing??

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