After months of searching, I finally found the right one.

She’s sleek, slim and easy to handle. It took me loads of research and time to choose the right one. Umeng said she’s almost perfect. Here is a picture of ‘her

OoooOoOh hot thing..fapfapfapfapfappp

Melvin and Sam accompanied me to get my new digital camera from Sg. Wang today. We tried 1U initially. The salesman was a little bit kookoo. His sentences were in blocks. We couldn’t understand what he was saying. But I could gather that he was a little bit rude when I asked for extra free stuff. He said something like, (yes in blocks)

I don’t care
If im rude
Last time this malay customer
walked away
and call me lansi (arrogant)
I don’t care
I don’t earn commission
If I don’t like your face I don’t sell.

He was like reciting poetry. Serious!!

There are only 3 colours I could choose from for my camera. I asked for silver initially. The sales man went away and came back about 10 minutes later. Sg. Wang is a well-known dodgy shopping centre, with triads lurking around the shopping centre. I wanted the sales man to bring me the black coloured camera as well, but we didn’t dare to do so. I was afraid that he’ll go like..


Oh well, Silver is fine!

16 thoughts on “NEW DIGITAL CAMERA!!”

  1. nice, how much did you pay?im looking for another one as well, after that *curse* got me to spend the money i saved for my own, so that she can have one.i love sony like no other, but they’re too expensive. so im trying to see if i should wait till i go back to kl to get one, or wait for a sale here.

  2. SAnyo j4. RM1400. this is 4mpx (can go up to 8mpx donno why), with super macro mode (2cm), 30fps movie, small and light, optical zoom about 2.8x inner zoom, then got digital zoom soemmore. wah best! value! but problem with the camera is that the photos has ‘noise’ problem.

  3. nice camera man.. i would love that too but no cash. i’m a sucker for macro shots. i love ’em.. ehh.. iso rating lowest wat? maybe it’s because of that

  4. eh xes…how come ur cam sounds expensive? 1400 for only 2.8x optical zoom??? Or could it be because it’s really small? Ivn, the ixus i is good man….heheh eh…4mp to 8mp? hahaha that one con job one…4mp only laaaa…Eh…i recommend EOS 10D but of course..$$$$$

  5. Eh xes…u so muscle and kung fu so keng…why u sked of kuwak chai? Aisehh….what la u. Should ask fer black one only…exercise consumer right!

  6. cris: iso rating lowest 50 😀 YUMMIE: its the ‘assist’ light 😀 Lynnzter: canon EOS 300 rules~ selina: only canon EOS SLR rules!! ivn: ixusi ccokkkccc laa gguni: i check p100. its looks good but it doesnt have fast shutter.. mie: black is not bad! 😀 the other colour is peach..horrible! karheng: eh hallo 1400 reasonable wei.. EOS10D..~~ i wan as weeelll but my father dont print money..oh well!! sarah: aiyak why u cannot one..i can wo.. too bad ler!! ehhe!! wolfx: ahhaha aiyah they got boss, i dont have boss. cannot cannott..must respect ppl’s area hehe!

  7. RM1,400 isn’t too bad for a digicam, isn’t it? I thought it would have been more than that! But heck, I’m still sticking to my good ol’ fashion IXUS – the one with FILMS. hahahahha! Maybe I’ll get a digi next year, maybe. ho ho ho! I’m a paper-photo freak.

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