Day 3 – Tokyo Night.. END

Ok one last post before I wrap up the Japan trip post.

Day 3 – Night time
Odaiba was our next destination. Since its located on the other end of the train line, we had to change trains. Odaiba is built on reclaimed land at The Bay of Tokyo. There it houses couple of huge supermarkets, offices and one of the the largest Ferris wheels in the world! It is also a popular dating spot, not to be missed if you are on your honeymoon trip!

Ferris wheel

Rainbow Bridge

We bought sushi and chocolates to eat by the beach. The view of Tokyo city was magnificent, never once I saw such a lively city. There were floating restaurants by the beach. We could hear drunken Japanese singing songs on the boat.

mmm sushi , sake and woman..

lalalala the drunken men sang..

The weather was fine except for the chilling wind. We had our sushi and took photos.

Outside Palette Town

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. I took a flight back to Kuala Lumpur the next day. Jane didnt send me off cause she had to work. I left her a message saying goodbye to her.

Tokyo, we shall meet again!

10 thoughts on “Day 3 – Tokyo Night.. END”

  1. di0n: ekeke one day laWD: mmm i googled the odaiba ferris wheel and couple of websites said it was the largest in the world. However, some websites said the london eye is the largest in the world. oh well, i think i’ll just change the wording to “one of the largest ferris wheels in the world”. cheers mate!

  2. You know xes, in Sex and the City, Samantha (played by Kim Cattrall) mentioned that pussy = sushi (to make it less vulgar).So did ur sushi taste good ????:D Hehehehehehhee

  3. gguni: mmm it was mm too salty..hhhhahahahaa louyaumike: its actually grey in the morning! hehehe..mmm pot of gold? maybe pot of cannbis..

  4. waHHhhh.. japan looks damn coOOLLL :Phmph.. i should go some time soon 😀 while i still have my youth and a higher chance of picking up a gurl.. lol 😛 hehhee ^^v

  5. hum sake sushi and woman. id think woman was optional :Dbut that picutre make your friend jane look like drunklord wei hahahah

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