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I will be speaking at “Writing Blogs” together with other fellow bloggers, Suanie, Timothy Tiah, David Lian, Yvonne Foong and Peter Tan. Suanie will talk about blogging, from the general bit to the technical bit. Timothy Tiah will be talking about blogging and making money from it. David Lian on the other hand will be talking about blogging from a PR man’s perspective. Yvonne Foong and Peter Tan will be talking about blogging as a tool of raising funds and advocacy respectively.

I will be talking about Blogging and Malaysian Law, probably a strip down version of my talk on Blogging and Intellectual Property Law which I gave at the eLawyer Conference. This because there is more to cover.

Unlike the eLawyer event, there is an entrance fee to hear us bloggers tok kok.

If you’re interested in attending, please contact the people listed in the flyer. Please drop me mail if you’re coming.

4 thoughts on “New Straits Times – Inside Scoop”

  1. NST is a biased paper that only reports pro-govt news la. this kind of news portal not even worth for me to use it to clean my asshole after taking a crap, even dirtier after that

  2. cm: why dont u make alot of $$ in SG, come back and buy up NST and then you write anti government articles everyday wahhaa

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