New Years Eve – The Carnival @ A’Famosa Resort, Melaka

Once again, I managed to catch fireworks display to celebrate the New Year. This time round, I did it in Melaka at one event by the name the Carnival.

The Carnival is an outdoor rave has 4 rooms namely the Hardsequence room, the Regenerate room, Hotel Scandalos and The Bar. Each room plays different types of music. The main attraction for me is Hardsequence room of course.

Hardsequence room, open air.

The trip to Afamosa resort took around 1 hour. I drove, I picked Sharon Dilirius and Sow as well. I was speeding throughout the journey until one incident when I saw smoke in the highway. After passing through the smoke, I realised that a car has turned turtle in a drain!

When we arrived at the venue, we realised the venue was not exactly outdoor. Other than the Hardsequence room, the rest of the rooms were located in buildings. The Hardsequence room is around a size of 4 basketball courts and the rest were quite small as well.

The venue is a little bit unique as well. It’s like a small Cowboy town. I think it’s an amusement park during the day. When we arrived around 10PM, some shops were still open. We saw a souvenir shop, a Chinese restaurant and even a bowling alley with pool tables. Tay said that first time in his life, he played pool in a rave.

Hardsequence room was the most popular room of all. Second would be Regenerate room, but the rest of the rooms were almost empty.

Regenerate room, almost empty – but filled toward the end of the night

The Bar – empty

The Bar – male pole dancer!

We hung out at the Hardsequence room most of the time as the Hardstyle gurus were spinning there.

Hardsequence room

As the clock hits 12AM, fireworks were released in to the sky. It wasn’t very spectacular though. The boom from the fireworks wasn’t earth shattering.

After the fireworks, Sow, Tay and Brisbane Wilson continued drinking. Beer was RM10 per can but throughout the entire night, I see Tay and Brisbane Wilson getting beers non stop.

Sow & Big Ben

The girls & I

Sow & I had “who can hold his hand up the air the longest” competition again. Sow won.

winkris & I – I think we’ve taken pictures in almost all the raves we attended together.

The night ended at 2:45AM.

Party’s over.

Some of the party goers have after-parties to attend. But for me, Sow, Tay and Brisbane James, the night has ended. We drove back to Kuala Lumpur to return to our sweet beds so that we can wake up on our respective beds to greet the new year, 2007.

14 thoughts on “New Years Eve – The Carnival @ A’Famosa Resort, Melaka”

  1. Bimbo: i guess that’s Sow lar.
    Woot, drove back KL just to sleep terra nyerrr, but Amos used to do that when we went to MLC!!his so called 1day trip!!

  2. a few years ago,I had a friend who drove all the way from A’Famosa to KL for a drink at Bukit Bintang and then drove back to Melaka. Just a cup of iceblended.

  3. woot the event was fun,tat nite spend alot of money to buy mineral water=.=” when wil hardsequence hold the next event,i can’t wait for hardsequence next outdoor rave^^

  4. Luxifer: nah, i prefer to wake up on my own bed 😀
    bimbobum: no le, i was camera man keke
    Khinko: wahlao you can even recognise sow huh!
    Amos: I dont remember. eke
    endroo G: for chick is it
    kiyoshi: you should have brought your own water. they never check our bags!

  5. Xes: Hmmm… actually, i think you’re right! It’s either yourself or Johnson that i’m posin’ beside.
    But then again KL isn’t THAAAAT huge… one is bound to bump into someone they know. It’s that 6 degrees of seperation schpeal.
    Anyway i hope Sharon, Sow and yourself had a great night… oh and thanks for all the support =)

  6. lol….i like how you put “respective beds” in there. Geez you lawyers have to be so careful with what they write ar? 😛

  7. winkris: keke lets make sure we take pictures together in all the raves next time! set new world record!
    sam: kekeke mabuk aa
    wolfx: YEAH LA. scared people like you comes up and say, “u’re ghey! you guys sleeping on the same bed!”

  8. Well i think that record would take quite some time seeing that the only events i only really go to are BA and HS… eheheh.
    But yes, we shall camwhore if ya like. 😉

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