November Babies Birthday

This was supposed to be a birthday celebration for the November Babies namely WK, KF, SY and Timothy. Unfortunately, SY and Timothy were not around thus we could only blast WK and KF. We started the celebration at Ninja Jones with a bottle of Sake and also a bottle of Martell. By the end of dinner, the two bottles were depleted and we adjourned to Finnegans for second round.
Ninja Jones is well known for their ninja suit clad waiters. Their price is reasonable and their interior and food are not bad too. 14 of us got ourselves a private room. Although their price is reasonable, the bill came up to RM1600. Since its WK and KF’s birthday, we treated the birthday boys + their partners. My wallet bled big time.

Our Sake

Great stuff!

The soup came in a tea pot..without a bowl for me to pour my soup. Hence.

Gulp gulp gulp

Another great stuff

WK drinking Martell + Coke…+ Sake which we added without his knowledge.

We stabbed Hen cause he drank all our alcohol.

KF was first to surrender hence he went home first. WK was still standing and the poor chap got a beating of his lifetime. But probably not as bad in High School when we chased him around Kuchai Lama with eggs on his birthday.
In Finnegans, we bought WK two Flaming Lamborghini for his birthday.

By the end of the night, WK was still standing but he was quite pissed and did many funny stuff.

Not so funny but you should check out the photos on my Facebook. Heh
He ended the night by humping Hen’s car. Reminds me of Eric’s joke.. “Dude, I really love my car. I’m serious”.

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