Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Award 2009 @ Singapore – Part I

Many thanks to Nuffnang for organising our trip to Singapore. Our transport and accomodation were sponsored by Nuffnang and also their sponsors e.g Pringles and Tourism Singapore.

Other than the Malaysian blogging community (around 100 bloggers), the Philippines and Australian blogging communities were flown to attend this event. I was told that 50 people came from Australia.

Nuffnangers @ Heritage House

We were put in to a nice boutique hotel by the name Link Hotel located at Tiong Bahru. The nearest train station is Outram which is about 5 to 8 minutes walk from Link Hotel.

@ the lobby of Link Hotel

My room was quite nice. I don’t mind stay in the room the whole day if I could.

Unfortunately, there is nothing nice to eat around the place in the day time. There is one restaurant by the name Kampong Chicken Eating House tasted so-so.

The event was held in Pan Pacific Hotel. Celebrity Allan Wu hosted the event.

We were also given a nice door gift containing rock candies. I remember trying them in Melbourne. You can have personalised messages imprinted on the candies. Nuffnang’s candies had the words ‘I love blogging’ and ‘NN Blog Awards’ and also Nuffnang’s logo.

A short clip of how Nuffnang started and how it had evolved was played before the presentation of the awards. The short clip was really well done and I was told by Michael and Jojo Stryus of Kyanite that they worked on it until 6am to produce the video. Their hard work paid off tremendously.

Welcome speech by Bossming and Timothy. It looked like both of them were getting married.

Out of the 12 awards, only 2 Malaysian bloggers won. Xiaxue dominated the awards by sweeping 3 awards namely best original blog design, most influential blog and region’s best blog. Singaporean, Australian and Pinoy bloggers had a fair share of their awards as well.

While making her acceptance speech, kennysia went up on stage, grabbed Xiaxue’s microphone and did a ‘Kanye West’. He said, ‘yo xiaxue, imma let u finish but Steven Lim has the best blog design ever!’.

Scrumptious meals that were served

There was also an award for bloggers who submits the best video entitled “Its Krrunch Time, Get Playful”. Singaporean jayleif won the contest together with SGD5000 cash. Check out the video below.

Here are some pictures taken from the night! (Lousy point and shoot, pardon the quality).

Childhood 101 – Winner of Best Parenting Blog

Joanne Peh – Winner of Best Celebrity Blog

Xiaxue on one of the acceptance speeches

Timothy & me

Timothy Teoh of Nuffnang and me

Nuffnang Carol Koh and me

Underage zoeyve

Huai Bin!

Jojo Stryus w000t

Those who were sitting with me, among others, KY, ShaolinTiger, Huai Bin, Cheesie, itsablushberry

When the night was about to end, Bossming (co-founder of Nuffnang) came to me and told me that I have played a big part in Nuffnang and thanked me for it (I advise Nuffnang on their legal matters). It made my day!

The only drawback of this event is the absence of alcohol. We only had orange juice, coke and sprite for drinks :/ I was soooo thirsty! I guess its because of the participation of young bloggers in the event. Some are as young as 16 years old, like zoeyve -_-

To compensate for the lack of alcohol, KY, ShaolinTiger, kimberlycun, eyerizz, Mike Yip and gf and I headed to Brewerks at Clarke Quay for drinks. Their beers are brewed inhouse with all sorts of taste. Most of them tasted weird to me -_-

I can’t wait for the next Nuffnang blog award – with alcohol!!!!

19 thoughts on “Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Award 2009 @ Singapore – Part I”

  1. The best thing was the custom made candy. =D

    I loved that stuff.

    Could have been fun with alcohol though but catering for that many people would be a hassle esp if I hamtam it. 😉

    I didn’t go to Brewerkz, paid a house call (too hardcore for me with CNB in Singapore) and went to eat frog porridge.

  2. saimatkong: yalor. i tot got beer -_- shandy also i dun mind. desperate already

    HB: it would be a better event if everyone was tipsy hehe

    efly: oo thanks for the info!

    Neena: great meeting you too!

    suanie: hehe really one! damn weird la! pumproom much betteR!

    IndependentQueen: hhmm i am not sure.. need to go find out 😀

    Cindy: yeah!! those are my favourite !

  3. Dude, Jojo’s name’s spelled as Jojo Struys, not Stryus KAKAKAKA

    Brewerkz Rawks!

    They really should have Alcohol at NN events, no drunken ppl = not happening siut.

  4. ST: i missed Cristang again..sobsss..

    Mike: aiyo typooo..and yeah NO DRUNKEN PPL NOT HAPPENINGGG

    PinkPorkChop: eeehhh no fat la! hehe

  5. Gee! That’s nice -.- I guess I was the party-popper that deprived you guys of alcohol. Oh and you looked great even tho u’re probably used to wearing suits.

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