October events

As some may know, Ruums club will be closing for renovation. A new club will be opened soon. At the moment, it is unclear whether Hardsequance will be held there again.

A message from winrkis

    Due to the new management deciding to do some renovations to Ruums, HS has decided it would be great timing for us to take a break [for how long, we’re not sure]. That is NOT to say that HS is gone for good, i assure you we are definitely aren’t goin anywhere! We’re just resting momentarily.
    So it would be great to see all our loyal HS supporters at Ruums this Saturday, 14 October night and let’s show the club what HS is made up of!

Flyer courtesy of joenajib
DJs: Naughty by Nature, Christian Smith, King Unique, Bass Agents & SOUL-T
Available from 12th – 27th October 2006 at the following locations:
Zouk KL
113 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2171 1997
Radioactive Outlets
Klang Valley
One Utama Tel: +603 7724 2578
Sg Wang Tel: +603 2145 1069 or +603 2145 3968
Genting Hotel Tel: +603 6101 1623
Sunway Pyramid Tel: +603 5638 3080
The Mines Shopping Fair Tel: +603 8943 5812
Ruffey Outlets
Klang Valley
Mid Valley Tel: +603 2287 0239
Ipoh Parade Tel: +605 243 3215
Mahkota Parade Tel: +606 286 7035
City Square Cyber Zone Tel: +607 222 6276
Available on the event day (28 Oct) from 2pm onwards at the event site only.
If you decide to stay over, here are some hotels that are recommended by Recharge.
A’Famosa Resort
06-552 0888
Plaza Inn / Agora
06-284 0881
City Bayview Hotel
06-283 9888
The Emperor Hotel
06-284 0777
Renaissance Melaka
06-284 8888
Orkid Hotel
06-282 5555
Riviera Bay Resort
06-315 1111
Garden City Service Apartments
06-283 3111
Hotel Seri Costa
06-281 6666
Hotel Tropicaville
06-281 6137
Tanjung Bidara Beach Resort
06-384 2990
More info
Older events

And if you’re @ Newcastle for the weekend…
if you have any events to share, please email me.

21 thoughts on “October events”

  1. actually frank is right…the ruums ones tend to look the same month after month..maybe it’s just their logo?

  2. Amos: I do,thatz y stop clubbing adi…Poppy too high class,must open atleast 2bottle only can hav a nicer table…
    Xes: the PD rave cancelled adi lar,bcuz of sum permit matter,now they looking for others place to held the event…
    Karheng: LOLz….

  3. Frank: to organize such an event means preparations earlier in the day, therefore since 1U is always packed..that’s not possible. Parking spots are normally damn hot. Rooftop one different story la…
    While your ice skating ring suggestion seems ‘cool’, it is also not possible. Ice will melt into water with so many people on the skating ring.
    I think the best place to party is at an aeroplane hangar, but for extremely big crowds la…

  4. khinko: really ah? is it stated on mash?
    karheng: couple of years back, we had a rave in one of the car parks of KLIA. not roof top, but car park itself. as for aeroplane hanger, we had one at an aeroplane runaway few years back. one of the new year raves 😛

  5. xes: heheheh..ya..KLIA is Ok i think because not full one the car parks. Aeroplane runway got also arrr……but like kinda spacious right?
    What’s the difference between feng tau in open spaces and in enclosures?

  6. I wasn’t really reading the words and I saw the last flyer.
    3 bucks presale!?!?!?!?!?
    4 bucks on the door!?!?!?!?
    i was like, wtf??
    oh, pounds. hahahaha

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