What Do You Do In a Traffic Jam?

Klang Valley is notoriously jammed up with traffic during the peak hours.
You know that Sprint Highway in front of Eastin Hotel? Imagine during a downpour, you pay the toll and to find yourself stuck in a jam.
Subang Jaya nd USJ? Stupid traffic barely moves that you think you’d be able to crawl on your knees faster instead of drive.
Trying to get out of KL city to go on the Federal Highway? It’s a long wait.

Guess where this is?
How do you past time?
1. Blast the radio and sing your lungs out.
2. Wind down the window and start chain smoking.
3. Start sending text messages to 20 people and hope they’d all reply.
4. Phone a friend to chat.
5. Scratch your balls til they bleed [Because it’s a bloody long jam].
6. Read the newspaper or magazine.
7. Start swearing at every single driver and car stuck in the jam with you, “Bloody f*ckers! You guys can’t f*cking drive! Get off the road and home to your mommy’s bosom!! #@&*$^@(#*@”
8. Scream in frustration because no one can hear you [Except the motorist that just drove by].
9. Honk for the next 2 hours, just to irritate the hell out of everyone.
10. Medidate – you believe that peace and harmony is good for the soul.

21 thoughts on “What Do You Do In a Traffic Jam?”

  1. read newspaper/magazine/book in car. but NC doesn’t really have a lot of traffic jams so i can only peek a little at the traffic lights or the drive-thru.

  2. bimbo : hey how’s it goin, looks like everyone just wanna know who you really are huh πŸ™‚
    I got one, blasting dance tunes on an ipod and dancing to it. Yes it is possible to dance in the car, i do it all the time. Just moooove to it πŸ™‚

  3. karheng: of cos in my car la ;P
    ryuu: where’s NC? sometimes i read too, if i have the newspaper. usually i don’t. so i end up singing like a mad fella.
    endroo: greet everyone’s moms?
    cnigel: handsome right?
    johnsonteoh: i don’t have an ipod ;( and xes says i gotta hide my face.
    endroo: dig noses, dig ears, dig toe nails … ;P

  4. i wind down the window and yodel
    i point at on coming traffic and laugh at them
    i fantasize about taking repopulating the new world with my korean/cylon 1st mate.

  5. Anyway i know all the jalan belakang out of phileo area liow. No bad jams if go through section 17 roundabout, then paramount, then get to motorola from there and can reach Subang. πŸ˜€
    If really really in jam, usually my mind just turns blank and reduces itself to minimal brain activity so i’m fully driving but fully sleeping. Pretty much like how zombies are fully dead but still go around eating ppl. πŸ˜›

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