Off to Sarawak!

I’m off to Sarawak (a state in Borneo) for my long deserved break tomorrow. I’ll be there for 10 days.

OMG 10 Days! 10 days = 10 pairs of under wear OMG! Where to find??

Bintulu will be my first stop. My classmate, Alex lives there hence I’ll be staying with him with my other classmates.

My second stop would be Miri and Gua Mulu. Gua Mulu has the largest cave chamber in the world, which could fit 40 jumbo jets! We will be caving there.

After my Gua Mulu trip, I would be returning to Bintulu. I don’t know what to expect in Bintulu other than getting pissed with tuak (rice wine) or eating insects at the native long houses.

In any event I were to be killed in a freak airplane crash or head hunter by some natives, I leave all my properties to my parents at half share. Further, please retrieve my journal from my computer in order to be distributed among my friends, of course, with modification.

I’m off to Sarawak with my trusty Canon SLR EOS300, cant wait to start snapping pictures!

Frank will be in charge of this website while I’m gone. Hope he blogs!

And one last final shoutout to my other guestbloggers. While I’m away, please “BLOG BLOG BLOG!!”

Click on the link below to see some really nice pictures of Sarawak

8 thoughts on “Off to Sarawak!”

  1. Bernard: hahaha thankjs man myko: aiyo once again, frank is a decent guy keke YUMMIE: if they find my body, i’ll come back for sure la hehae Dude: mmm disposable undies..will try that one day heahea anyway my friend has a washing machine here 😀 puiee: i was supposed to climb Mont Kinabalu. Unfortunately, i ran out of cash! 😀

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