Platonic love…

A friend asked me whether or not a man would love a woman without kisses and sex but only hold hands and hug throughout the whole relationship? For me, I am not St. Valentino. I do not believe in platonic love; there must at least be kisses…^^

10 thoughts on “Platonic love…”

  1. I’m not targeting anyone specifically lar but siow eh, your fren brain spoil d lar. Sex can don’t have lar if either or both got AIDS or some sort of STD. But still got to kiss rite? If not, how to release “tension” ?????Crap………………….:Þ

  2. lol.i usually kiss the girl to find out whether she likes me or not, so that rules me out of that group of only-hold-hands-and-hug-no-kisses-and-sex people.

  3. SEX is GOOD Exercise man…It’s burns more calories than a normal session of Jogging because it’s a bit like swimming…u use your whole body…plus it’s MORE exciting too!

  4. ya.. dude u need sex =] kisses… lead to sex.. hehehe ^^vwho can live without it o.O=p i know i wouldn’t be able to.. hehehe πŸ˜€ and like others have said.. its good exercise πŸ˜€ and at the same time u get pleasure.. hopefully for both parties πŸ˜€

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