one more day for reinforce!

Ok I got another theory. The eggs hit my car probably because I parked my car next to a tree.

Probably there was a bird nest on top of the tree and the eggs fell on to my car due to wind gush or something.

I think the theory about gay men throwing eggs on to my car is absolutely nonsense!

Reinforce 2
Suddenly, 10 human beings on this earth are feeling depressed. Why? Cause our mother fucking free tickets to Reinforce 2, one of the biggest rave event of this year, have been cancelled.


Ops…false alarm 😀

Reinforce Flyer click here – courtesy of

The secret police
Mark Daly, a journalist for BBC, went undercover into the Manchester Police Force to cover racism in the force. BBC released a documentary revealing racist acts by 5 British policemen. This documentary sparked an outrage in England…

My life as a secret policeman

Watch the extract of the documentary here

12 thoughts on “one more day for reinforce!”

  1. hahahahahahahahaahahahahaaa….. not to rub it in… but i doubt if can see any bird nesting on any trees at all in KL. 🙂

  2. aww chengleong…dont have to think so much about it….until come up with stuff to make yourself happy….its okay wan….i guess….*looks at chengleong’s gay face*…take it easy yah!!!*patss*

  3. screw you all gay fags! pikey: could u be one of the gay men throwing eggs onto my car? ehepenny: eh dont lemme see you when u reach 18 years old, i’ll rape you! (now cant la since u still underage) hahahaeishin: amenaly: “can’t stand to even have your car in the proximity of angry gay men eh” i tak faham ;D hornyfai: wait till all the happening shit kena you, i’ll laugh like fuck hahhairene u have problem understanding english eh? since when i said it’s cancelled? 😛

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