rotten egg stinks my car

My car stinks of rotten egg. m a c h a u h a i

It happened like this. I was trying to get into my car but the remote button wasn’t working. Then suddenly, there was this horrible stench but I dismissed it by the fact that someone threw rotten eggs onto the road. The horrible stench was still there even though I was halfway home. Then I notice couple of slimy patches on my side window and back window. I said to myself, “What the fuck….”
I’ve no idea who threw to eggs or why the fuck they did it. I guess I was a victim of a random prank or probably I was blocking somebody’s car. But anyway, what comes around goes around, I hope that fellow gets an ostrich’s egg smashed on his car. Hahahaha

There’s an epidemic running around. I’m down with a bad sore throat and Gayvin is suffering from throat infection while dad is a little bit sick. I heard that Vitamin C helps. I ate 50 pieces of it. Sorry laaa, I cant help it, it was damn addictive. Ha ha.

Taylor’s College
I went to Taylor’s College to settle my examination transcript today. When I stepped into Taylor’s, I was lost. No, not lost in the sea of beautiful girls but it seems that the entire place has changed. I wandered around looking for my University’s department. I found it couple of minutes later.
Anyway, there wasn’t many pretty girls in Taylor’s as compared to Sunway College. Sunway College girls rock!!!! :D~~

10 thoughts on “rotten egg stinks my car”

  1. woohoo sumone’s car stinks .. woohoo sumone’s car stinks .. woohoo sumone’s car stinks ..mwahahahaha 😛

  2. xes.. honestly..eating so many chewie vitamin C’s all at one go won’t help.our bodies can only absorb a certain amount of vitamin C at a time i think. so the access just comes out when u go peepee. try looking for one of those buffered time-release vitamin c tablets. they sure as hell don’t taste as nice as the chewies.. but you’re not supposed to chew em up in the first place anyway. hehe. one a day or something will be sufficient but best taken daily.;”P

  3. haha…hrm..i was just wondering….whether the eggs thingy was caused by that gay stalker??hahaha….dont be surprised eh…*you are not alone*…mUAhAHhAhHAhAHA…kk..i know how it feels being stalked….so i understand your feelings…*pats*

  4. i’m no expert la. just that i used to eat chewie vitamin c’s non stop when i was younger. yes they tasted good. but kena marah from my dad only who is a self proclaimed dr. quack. hehe. but it’s true anyway about the our body can only take so much vitamin c at a time.

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