One Nation We Care – An evening with the Prime Minister

There was this huge event in Bukit Jalil Stadium called “One Nation We Care – An evening with the Prime Minister (of Malaysia)” and it was live on national TV. The event was heavily publicized on the media but despite all the effort done, quarter of the stadium was empty. It seems like the popularity of Dr. Mahathir is decreasing. Furthermore, the stadium was filled with more Chinese than Malays. The event was also, in my opinion, poorly organised. The female Malay commentator was incompetent. She kept on asking the crowd to sing the same song over and over again.

The first event was a parachute event by the Air Force. Officers jump from 5000 feet towards the Stadium while a flag of every state are attached on each of them. Crowds cheered as their home state flag descends to the ground. Most of the officers’ landing was smooth. However, one of the officers had his parachute stuck on the roof. In the verge of falling, the officer hugged a pillar nearby! Poor guy. Rescue did not come immediately and he was stuck up there for half an hour. The crowd cheered as the officer was pulled to safety. It seems that it was the only interesting event throughout the show. Within minutes, I switched off the TV and headed towards Subang for another yamcha session.

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