OOOH MY…You kill Spiderman!!!

Who could have kill Spiderman?

A. Doctor Octopus
B. Batman
C. Green Goblin
D. Ridsect (Insect Repllent)

15 thoughts on “OOOH MY…You kill Spiderman!!!”

  1. hmmm…. must have been me la, i was cleaning my house yesterday when i accidentally stepped on an exceptionally large red and blue spider with only 4 limbs… the spider damn sohai one, holding a camera walking around, somemore look damn poor…

  2. coz we were reincarnated as brothers. but the similarities end there. i’m straight as i love boobs and you’re quite the opposite because you refused to turn yourself into womanhood. me as your brother, that’s disappointing man…haha

  3. I used to use Baygon ma…then after that due to the powerful marketing from Ridsect so I changed brands. Ridsect also smells better.

  4. aiyooorrrh… you all ar… spiderman is not dead yet lar… he was just having his rest on the floor…
    answer: none of the above

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