of .. er.. boobies? blur boobies

June 11th, 2005 Posted by PeNNyPupZ

7 Responses to “of .. er.. boobies? blur boobies”
NSDS3HvLDjJdAMKhAJw wrote on 06/11/05 at 11:39 am :
stalk stalk
Leo Goh wrote on 06/11/05 at 12:54 pm :
oogle oogle …oogle-ing-ing
blur^sotong wrote on 06/11/05 at 1:21 pm :
isit urs?
demonicsquid wrote on 06/11/05 at 1:21 pm :
isit urs?
Slinky wrote on 06/11/05 at 8:01 pm :
isit urs?
kimberlycun wrote on 06/12/05 at 7:17 pm :
when i was around ur age i was flat like airport. be happy babe, be very happy!
xes wrote on 06/12/05 at 9:43 pm :
arghhhhhhh my eyes my eyes!
gimmme antiseptic to wash my eyes!

21 thoughts on “of .. er.. boobies? blur boobies”

  1. yerr…why did u post your dahling’s papayas on your blog site?…now i shy shy already…mou min kin yan…:(

  2. oopss…sorry. i’d mistaken my papayas with penny’s. penny, sorry ya. i return these papayas to you. don’t get mad ya, i didn’t eat them. you can check the condition if you don’t believe me.

  3. LOL blursotong/demonicsquid?
    that guy hated me so much because i lied to her i was a hot chick and he got mad.

  4. HAHAHA KARHENG U REMEMBER HER!!!!omg.. yeah she’s like damn freaking hot.. she’s penepe btw.. NOT PENNY.. I”M THE REAL PENNY!! :X
    oi xes u nbtd mehhhhh. knn

  5. flush: aiyoh. no la where got hehe
    rychL eh? how did u know its him?
    galferari: those are my boobies..
    dogma: sure bo..those are my boobies wor hehehe
    penispup: aiyah what i meant was..”this is an eyesore!! gimme antiseptic to clean my eyes from this eye sore!”
    chuoming: yeah la. flat like baloon

  6. karheng : that was when i found out that her name was penepe.. all these years we’ve been fighting for the name ‘penny’ maa.. ahhaha yalah. she’s still at thailand lor i guess.. if not aso uk..ahhaaha she is one HOT BABE K ;p
    chuoming : ah .. flat ar 🙁
    xes : ah.. eyesore ar 🙁

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