Orang Asli Village @ Taman Negara, Pahang

Orang Asli’ (aboriginal people) are know to be the earliest inhabitants of Malaysia. They consist of many tribes and many are nomadic.

The village that we visited consist of few huts built next to the river bank. The huts are build using wood and leaves except for one hut that was actually a camping tent. O_o

The wooden huts are about 8 – 9 feet high and do not have any rooms or doors. One family may occupy one hut. I really wonder where they go when they feel like making babies.

Further, toilet is no where to be seen.

The orang asli in this village has a strong resemblance with the aborigines of Australia. Both of them have curly hair, dark skin and big noses. I wonder if they are from the same ancestor.

The village chief and his sons gave us a presentation on how to make a fire using wood and bamboo. They rubbed a thin bamboo stick over a hollow wooden rod. However, the first attempt by village chief’s son no 1 failed as the bamboo stick snapped.


Then followed by another failed attempt by village chief’s son no 2. Half an hour later, still no fire. O__O

Only after the village chief intervened, we had the fire started.

Then we got to play with the blow pipe. Our target was….a small teddy bear. O___o

It was no easy task though. I couldn’t shoot the bugger!

We were then given a tour at one hut.
We: What do these people do everyday?
Nat: The men goes out hunting for food and the women stays home to cook or take care of the children. If they’re lucky, the men will get some animals.

Nat then showed us a bag of wild yam that the woman had plucked. They were about to cook it for dinner.

Then on the side of the hut, I saw an empty can of sardines and a packet of Boh Tea. O___o so much for hunting..

9 thoughts on “Orang Asli Village @ Taman Negara, Pahang”

  1. IMO the Orang Asli look more similar to the native Papua New Guineans. But if you track both their ancestral heritage, they probably are related to Australia’s aboriginals.
    And damn! That’s a long blow pipe. Do they also have a tobacco smoking pipe like the American Indians, or those Chinese opium smoking pipes?
    What do the Orang Asli do to get high?
    Unfortunately, the Australian’s Aboriginals like to sniff petrol of spray cans.

  2. I wonder if they thought of covering the tent with leaves to make it waterproof. Hehehe. Modern, yet traditional.
    I think they don’t go anywhere when they wanna make love. Just shoo the kids outside la.Hehehehe.

  3. Scuzzy: hAHAHAH I didnt know Abos in Aussie sniff petrol to get high. Also, I’ve no idea what do the Orang Asli do to get high, maybe smoke some herbs from the jungle.
    efly: actually there’s one hut made of leaves, but inside the hut, lies a camping tent. O__o

  4. mahai…. the same place i went, the same village headman starting up the fire, the same teenager blew the pipe, the same dome tent i saw….. geezz….

  5. Darren: yeah man, maybe got cable tv inside also.
    endroo G: hAHAHHAHAHAHA i think they’re a permanent fixture there keke
    Scuzzy: yup! i also bought a blowpipe from them 😀
    Sze Ning: ooo thanks for the info!

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