A few years ago, a friend and i watched a movie at Midvalley. I can’t remember what movie it was, so don’t ask me that.
Thirty minutes into the movie, we heard
Someone in the row behind us (but a few seats away) snoring. We turned to see who it was, wondering if it was a joke.
Several people in our row also turned back to look. My friend gestured to the girl sitting beside the guy, asking her to wake him up. When she didn’t, we started throwing popcorn at him. And he woke up, as we quickly turned back to the screen to concentrate on the movie.
“What’s wrong with his friend? Why can’t she wake him up?” I whispered to my friend.
“Don’t know! Why is the guy sleeping in the cinema in the first place?” My friend whispered back.
Then fifteen minutes later, the snoring started again. It got louder. We quickly turned around to glare at the sleeping guy and his friend, the girl.
“Wake him up!!” My friend whispered to the girl, who looked frightened. She eventually gave him a hard nudge with her elbow nevertheless, and woke the guy up.
Finally, when the movie ended and the lights came on, we had a good look at the guy. As everyone slowly left the cinema, we noticed that the guy wasn’t with the girl and friends. In fact, he was alone!
“Oooh, no wonder the girl didn’t want to be bothered with him! He came alone! Gosh, he paid a movie ticket just to sleep in the cinema? Basket!!!” My friend commented.
See, never jump to conclusions …..

8 thoughts on “ZzZzZzZzz”

  1. Hey I remember that time.
    That was me sleeping in the cinema.
    I was having a wet dream,
    why did u wake me up.
    Actually, I feel sorry for that girl sitting next to him. Everyone giving her angry looks.
    Your so mean! Bimbobum. If I see you at the cinema, I will throw popcorn at you. Then you will really need that silly paper brown bag over your head.

  2. so mean!! waste good food for what, throw empty popcorn box enough lo..
    If that happens to me in the future, I’m calling the ushers straight. Sked later I glare at the wrong person.hehehe

  3. we didn’t throw the popcorn that hard, so i’m sure it was not that painful ;P
    will you get out of your seat just to call the usher to wake the guy up? ehehehe

  4. there was once i slept in the cinema too. not that i pay money and sleep in the cinema, but i cant control. I actually went to watch this mission impossible by tom cruise, but due to i am too tired in works and still in my office wear, and once i went in the cinema, after about 10 min…i really cant control my eyes..and i slept till the end of the movie, when i finally wake up, i saw tom cruise’s wife pointing the gun at the bad guy… luckily i did not snore in the cinema. 😛

  5. I fell asleep while watching Finding Nemo. Its an excellent movie, but I was just to tired because I missed out on a days sleep.
    Later watched it on dvd pirated version. Top movie, 2 thumbs up.

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