Our condolence to Darren Kang Ten Hua’s Family

www.Xes.cx would like to send our deepest condolence to the family of Darren Kang Ten Hua, a Sheffield University law student who was killed at Desa Seri Hartamas on 3.30am, Tuesday morning (06/07/2004).

News Straits Time reported that:-

Darren and his 24 years old fiancee and his two friends were heading towards Uncle Don’s Restaurant for supper after they had some drinks in a pub opposite the restaurant. As Kang and his friends were about to be seated outside the restaurant, group of eight youths believed to be in their 20s seated in the next table, passed some rude remarks about his girlfriend’s blouse.

However, his fiance told the Guan Ming Daily that “When we were walking to the restaurant, Darren was walking behind me. I told him to hurry up but he wanted me to say “I love you” before he would oblige. Hence, I Did. However, after that a few guys started to give us queer stares. Darren was angered by this and he confronted them. At least 15-16 guys are starting him with bare hand. Although Darren was on the ground then, they did not stop attacking him. I tried to help him but I was stopped by a passer-by. While I was trying to call for help on my mobile phone, I heard one assailant shouted “kill him”. Then one of the assailants reached for a steel bar from the bush and hit Darren on the head. ”

Darren was later sent to University Malaya Hospital for medical treatment but it was too late.

The crime scene and photo of the deceased

The police had rounded up 20 suspects

The deceased fiance and family at the crime scene

The deceased sister and his fiance

*These photos are taken from Guang Ming Daily *


19 thoughts on “Our condolence to Darren Kang Ten Hua’s Family”

  1. shit poor thing. so easy to kena whack wan ar? is that the whole story or did he really run his mouth off n did something stupid?condolences

  2. aiya.. youngsters now a day… damn cocky… and think they are always king pin.. *sigh* especially in big groups.. if they are alone they are cowards.. it is sad this has had to happen to such a young man.. my condolences to his family n frens n fiancee.. hope justice beats the crap out of the youngsters who did this! :@

  3. Read about it this morning. Very sad. But the lad forgot Sun Tzu’s most important rule of warfare…never fight when you are outnumbered. Machisimo is one thing, stupidity is another. She did ask him to walk away, but he decided to be stubborn and show his pride…that was dumb.I’m sorry he died, and I’m sorry she lost her fiancee, but the wise man chooses his fights carefully.

  4. And incidentally it was my colleagues’s cousin’s friend’s son. My colleague told me the news yesterday afternoon. Today it came out in papers. Ish….so much violence.These ppl who got a steel bar from a bush…wtf….they were like ready to start a fight or something?

  5. he was very brave to do that, he loved his girlfriend so much that he was prepared to go up to them even though he was outnumbered. pride or not, he died for something he believed in, his fiancee’s love, their love for each other, something he defended to the very end. my condolences RIP

  6. this incident reminds us to cherish the person we love more, everyday. so sad. he was abt to fly back london the day after then shits happened. the fiance sure very devastated and it will pin down her spine forever! R.I.P. … >>>

  7. it’s becoming so sad these days… mom told me kl is very scary edi… better not to go back…

  8. Youngsters nowadays think they invinsible. Nah beh. But like my life motto says: life sucks, but it has to go on.Shit simple happens whether u go and look for it or not.

  9. … was an old primary school mate oo mine, not cynical or anything but first of all .. yeah he might be drunk, machisimo and pride factor, his character – well i dont really know him that well … he won’t let u get away with a remark on his fiancee, read, its his fiancee not girlfriend … well shit happens, but always bear in mind of Sun Tzu’s most important rule of warfare “never fight if you are outnumbered” so back off and forget bout it or u can always make a few calls and wait for your mates to get there then move in …

  10. When I read about the incident in the Star, I was shocked as well. I couldn’t believe how one person could get killed just like that, for no good reason. Some people can be real animals at times! Hope they burn in hell (pardon me, but these people dont deserve to have a good life!). My deepest condolences to family and friends of the deceased. 🙁

  11. … he used to sit in front of me during my primary 4 and 5 … and yeah got into a fight with him once during PE lessons … he kicked sand into my shoe …

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