Overdose of LURVELY Pictures

Browsing through Friendster on a boring evening, I noticed that some friends have filled their photo capacity to its maximum, i.e. 50 photos with their lovey-dovey couple pictures.
My goodness, I was stunned! Sure it’s good to be in love and an extremely lucky situation to have found your soulmate, but is there a need to publicise your LURVE??
OK, so maybe I’m just jealous that I’m not photogenic enough. *SIGH*

If it was a creative picture, like this one, I would agree that it’s a LURVELY picture to show!

So, I decided that I should spice up my boring friendster profile as well. It’s time i find LURVELY pictures of myself and ex-boyfriends.
I dug deep into my hard disk of memories and found and old picture of us.

WHAT? You didn’t know that frank_omatic and I dated way back in 1998? We were a LURVELY couple, you know! Ask xes and everyone else who knows us, we were inseparable! And every year, at the same date, we had to take a picture together to publicise our LURVE for each other.
[so, who do you think was the clingy one?]

Ah, frank_omatic never changed his clothes for 2 years. We were still a LURVELY couple back then. We had the same goofy grin.
[hey hey, a different pose! lovey-dovey enough? ;D]

I demanded a different pose each year, I wanted to be creative! I didn’t want to be like those boring two-lovers-smiling-like-mad-cows-at-the-camera all the time!

[so romantic! ah, those were the days……]

Of course, things ended. frank_omatic said that he rather be like those two-lovers-smiling-like-mad-cows-at-the-camera couples and ended things with me. *SOBS* He accused me of being too demanding in the creative department.

Though secretly I was pleased, as I had already set my sights on iv’N.

But the affair didn’t last long. I didn’t like this picture. He was just too good-looking for me that no matter how creatively we posed, I looked like a bald paperbag.

But I wonder if I can pursuade the new one to be creative when we have to pose for cameras.
Though my friend thinks I’m crazy, because she commented, “Wah, posing for wedding photographs already ah??!!”


Anyway, my point is, do people really want to look at an overdosed PDA (Public Display of Affection) sort of photographs of you and your loved one? ;D

p.s. apologies to frank_omatic’s girlfriend – no harm intended!

25 thoughts on “Overdose of LURVELY Pictures”

  1. 😛
    Actually and seriously, I do put up some of my photographs on Friendster. But it is done for the benefit of my friends who are overseas and who want to see what is happening in my life (including whichever girl I happen to be lucky enough to date)… I personally think that it is the reason behind the pictures being put up that determines whether one is an ‘attention seeker’ or is just a person genuinely sharing his/her pics around with his/her friends. After all, Friendster is a surprisingly effective medium to keep in touch with friends who can now be spread around the world in this globalised age.

  2. Too many photos, ppl say “ACTION”. Too little photo (or none), ppl say “U’RE UGLY”. The best solution is upload 25 photos (Half of max 50 photos allowed). 🙂

  3. Too many photos, ppl say “ACTION”. Too little photo, ppl say “U’RE UGLY”. The best solution is upload 25 photos (Half of max 50 photos allowed).

  4. I KNOW those pictures. Those were taken in sunway lagoon back in 199X. And if that was really you behind the paperbag that time, bimbo…i’d be seriously turned off.

  5. Khinko: a few months ago, we changed his name to fanky or fank or farouk! so it’s interchangeable ;D
    electronicfly: in case ppl dunno who the couple is!
    Jenny: kena rotan-ed by gf, due to this expose!
    frank_omatic’s gf: oops. hi! (xes’ pics, he’s a journalist/photographer in the making!)
    Darren: SHHHHHH~
    Scuzzy: wah! you think we are like pammy and tommy or britney and kevin?? ;D
    xes: AHAHAHAHAAH pls don’t tell them where i stay!

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