Types of Stamps in Malaysia

In Malaysia, there are 3 types of stamps:
(1) Commemorative stamps
(2) Definitive stamps
(3) Special stamps

Malaysia’s Commorative stamp commorating the SEA Games.
Commemorative stamps are stamps designed to commemorate a particular event

Malaysia’s latest definite stamp.
Definitive stamps are stamps mainly for the everyday payment of postage. They often have less appealing designs than commemoratives. These are your usual Malaysian palm oil stamps. I usually throw them into the rubbish bins. And those plans to buy stamps for me, please, please, don’t buy me definitive stamps. They belong to the rubbish bin (although some experts may differ).

One of Malaysia’s national cars – Gen 2
Special stamps in Malaysia are stamps issued to represent uniqueness of a the country.
The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commision has set up a guideline for the issuance of stamps in Malaysia. The said guideline can be downloaded here (In Malay language only)
It’s quite an interesting piece to read. It is noted that for Special Stamps, any prominent figures (except for the Sultan and Agong) therein must be, among others, Malaysian and is dead. If I’m not mistaken, USA has the same rule as well.

The late P. Ramlee, Malaysia’s most well known actor.
Recently, Malaysia issued stamps commemorating the Visit Malaysia Year 2007.

Malaysian women and food. YUMMY!!
During the launch of the stamps, 2 of my colleagues followed me to the launch. They were pretty amazed with the design. One of them said,
“Wow, I didn’t know Malaysia has such nice stamps!”.
Me: πŸ˜€
Then she added,
“You damn weird la, collect stamps. I’m going to tell my boss”
[Credits: all pictures above are obtained from the website of http://www.pos.com.my]

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