A group of friends were chilling out at Starbucks the other day.
Girl: I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is coming up. Shit, man, I don’t want to spend it alone. You guys, find me a boyfriend!
Boy A: Haha. What happened to Mr. Honda Accord? Weren’t you guys going out for a while?
Girl: I lost interest. He wasn’t my type after all. A bit too boring for me.
Boy B: What exactly is your type? Maybe you’re too choosy?
Boy A: Her type has to be rich. Loaded with money.
Boy B: But then again, maybe it’s necessary for you, since you’re so high maintenance.
Girl: Excuse meeeee … I’m not high maintenance, ok! I just have standards.
Boy A: Expensive standards.
Girl: Don’t you have any single friends you could introduce to me? Come on, I don’t want to be date-less for Valentine’s Day. Even watching a movie with someone won’t sound too bad!
Boy B: Let me think …… Ah, there’s a colleague of mine, he’s been single for a while. Maybe I can introduce.
Girl: Cute? Tall? What car does he drive? How old is he?
Boy B: Aiya, I don’t think I can introduce him to you. I don’t think he can afford your expensive tastes.
The boys laughed.
Girl: Hellooooooooo …. I’m not even asking you to find someone for me I can marry, ok! Just a date for Valentine’s Day will do. Dinner at Chilli’s and a movie is good enough …. Hehe.
Boy A: McDonald’s only lah.
Girl: @$(&@#(@%*@$# you both lah!

18 thoughts on “Overheard”

  1. Bimbobum, perhaps you can blog about the ‘meaningfulness’ of V-Day? Would love to hear your take on it. Do you sit on the ‘it is too commercialised’ side or on the ‘it is a special day for romance’ side?

  2. No wonder she’s dateless. Don’t introduce guys to this sort of girls lah, will only get bleeding heart and wallet. So she just wants to use a guy on V day to show that she’s not a loser? Get real, girl! Wake up and smell the lack of roses, honey!
    So what if you don’t have a boyfriend on V day? You still have special people to celebrate it with: Parents, close friends, your pet dog, hahahaha. And those are the people who should really matter.
    Cheers, au revoir!

  3. intro me to her, i bring her to mamak and watch football replays on the projector.
    save money watttttttt…. get to watch free replays, cheap food. 😛

  4. Darren: not my friend lah. ehehe
    blah: ahahahahahahaha i don’t know her, how to intro to you ;P
    endroo G: as if you don’t! heh. ;p
    Applegal: yeah, even i used to spend it with close bunch of friends …… until they got attached. haih.
    insomnia: i think she just wants a date for Valentine’s Day. but if it doesn’t happen, cannot force it, right? though i’m sure she has some nice close guy friends who can take her out. she just has to ask them out. ;D
    Low: you’re asking the wrong person! never ask a single person what Valentine’s Day mean. for singles, it’s best just to get together with a group of friends, like any other occasion and hang out. spending it with the family is a good effort, too.
    for couples, do whatever they want, as long as they don’t forget birthdays. 😉
    lx: why are you so crude?

  5. hehehe 😀 actually i been thinking of this… what is the type she want? She want those rich guys… but those rich guy want her or not?

  6. ahahah this conversation sounds so fermiliar.
    Nothing wrong with dateless Valentines day but everytime I go out shopping, all I see is promotions on Valentines day, just get a tad pressured to join along the celebration.
    But I hate the fact that out of 365 days a year, why only choose to be romantic on Valentines day. It’s just too fake for me.I should be getting flowers and chocolates every week! =P

  7. nothing wrong with the girl! maybe she sounds demanding about expecting dinner at chili’s!
    julz, you wanna go hunting for flowers and chocolate senders? ;D none in malaysia, though. ;P
    karheng: as if you not busybody!!!! ;P
    zhong: BLEH!!!!!!!!!!1

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