Lately, my work has been stressing me out. I couldn’t sleep well, I had pimples popping out overnight like mushrooms , lost some weight and I lose my temper easily.
There was one incident where I lost my temper badly. I had to pick Sam up from her place. Before entering into her housing area, I had to go through a guard house. I was stopped at the guard house and one of the guards asked me where I am going.
Me: pick up a friend.
Guard: What is you friend’s address?
Me: Er, lupa (forgot) but it’s over there.
Guard: you go call your friend now for her address
I got pissed off with his tone of his voice and I replied,
There was another car behind me. As such, they ordered me to park on the side on the road to let the car behind me pass.
Instead of stopping, I speeded off and headed Sam’s house. After picking Sam up, a speeding motorcyclist was horning behind me. It was one of the guards I wind down my window and he then started shouting at me. I then shouted back
“SAYA DAH KATA SAYA TAK MAU TUNGGU!!” (I’ve told you that I’m not waiting!”
And then I sped off. Sometimes, although they are doing their job, these guards piss me off beyond belief.

15 thoughts on “Stress”

  1. I know what u mean Xes. Some guards and police officers (in my case) have attitude problems. Just because they are in a position of power, they think they can be rude and push people around, even abuse their power.
    Most of the time when people are rude towards me, i just let it go and walk away. But once in awhile i might be in a bad mood, and if i bump into these type of rude dumb f#@kers, blood will be spilt…haha…after that i get shock by my reaction and try to calm myself down.

  2. haha work is getting you huh, well you’re not the only one.
    They were just doing their job to protect the residents in the neighbourhood.
    Go get some air.
    Its time we go drink!
    Lol was with bigben in Y2K (of all places) last night when he was down in ipoh.
    Catch you soon brudder

  3. You know you are VERY stress when you drive your car with maximum speed just and bang the next car you see on the road. Just like the bumper cars in the arcade, only this time, insurance will pay. Cause of accident “emotional distress at work”.

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