Dear E,
I am sorry for all the cruel things that I said to you. Those hurtful words must have pierced your heart like a knife.
E, sorry for failing to realise that besides me, you have had a terrible week too. I also fail to see that sometimes you need to retreat into your “well” rather than seeking support from me. Instead of leaving you alone as you requested, I thought the right thing to do was to offer you some support. But yet, you became more miserable because of my inconsiderate gestures.
E, because of what happened last week, I felt angry, resentful, foolish and sad. I was disappointed at how the people treat me. Some night, I felt like crying but unfortunately i had no tears because I can’t feel the pain. The pain of what the people did to me. Instead egoistically, I inflicted pain on you by venting my anger at you.
E, i am sorry. I am such an asshole and i am disgusted of myself too. Please forgive me.

8 thoughts on “Pain”

  1. Hi bro, have you tried using voice mail?
    Anyways, I’ll stand by you in this. Who hasn’t experienced it before?
    Good luck.

  2. Frank,
    I never blamed you for all the things you did. Not even once. You were just too concerned and jealous over everything that you made too much of a deal out of nothing. I know.
    I really hope to be friends again. Even though you really hurt me then as well as last night. If you still care about me, do try to accept and understand things… no matter what, things will end up like this… remember all the things I told you yesterday.
    If you’re mad at me and don’t wanna see me or have anything to do with me… just tell me. I won’t bother you anymore. Nor will I blame you for hating me.

  3. im so sorry to hear that frank, adrian pointed it out to me.. take care buddy life, is just begining for all of us
    sometimes we need to stop , and view the problem from the outside to have a clearer view unbiased by recent trauma and feelings..

  4. Chill frank. Life’s full if twists and turns. i m confident that things will work out for you. Keep your chin up, dude.

  5. hc: brader, u haven’t been hanging out for ages now, ever since i quit cybercafe. Thanks for all the support and guidance you have always given me, in all these situations. I will never disappoint you.
    Adrian: Hahahaha…you saw us in Midvalley. Sorry, i forgot to bring my handphone that day. Anyway, that is the past ady. Thanks for everything. I know i always say this but it never really materialise, …ahem…we should meet up one day lar. I haven’t seen you for damn long time ady.

  6. wow…. it seems like i missed out on ALOT of things… did everyone loose my hp number or something???

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