Xes.cx(Harder side of) Trance mix #2

Xes.cx is proud to present trance mix #2. Initially this was played over a friend’s private birthday bash to see the crowd responce and yeah, it was MASSIVE..woot.
Anyway here is the track listing for this week’s mix:
1)Ace’s Delight vs. Baced – Witness
2)Dave 202 -A.I
3)Malec – Endless Love
4)Alphazone – Flashback v.1
5)Dave Joy – First Impression
5)Gaz West – Playing With Fire
6)Axel Coon – Lamenting City
7)Sumatra – Reincarnation
8)Svenson & Gielen – Twisted
9)Shark Boy – Night Time
10)Magic D – Someday
11)S Force one – DJ Convention
12)X – Chilling on Cloud 9
13)Deepack – The Prophecy
Thanks to Gavin for hosting this and please do rape his bandwidth. Have a nice weekend ahead everyone!

11 thoughts on “Xes.cx(Harder side of) Trance mix #2”

  1. Svenson & Gielen – I use to love a few tracks from them … but then
    i changed … house lover here …
    any house lover here besides me … slow down the tempo bro .. old liao la

  2. Xes: i think you’re one of the significant few feng tau lawyers in Malaysia..LOL.. rare species.
    *adopts Xes as a pet*

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