Para Bombay

I was watching the 9:30pm HK drama on Astro just now and there was this scene where the main actor was involved in an accident together with his boss. Later in the hospital, the doctor said that he needed immediate blood tranfusion but his blood was Para Bombay, a rare type A blood. My immediate reaction was “wtf, is there such blood type?” Hence, i did a search on Google.

Surprisingly, Para Bombay blood type does exist. It is a rare phenotype commonly reported in Europe and Japan. However after reading the article, i still do not quite understand how can one has Para Bombay phenotype. All i know is through some mutation on H-antigen. Perhaps, someone with good knowledge on biology can explain this to me. Click on the link, if you want to know more. Happy reading. =P

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  1. haha i am watching that series too here in the uk…haha such a coincident i was like having the same reaction too “what PARABOMBAY? hehe thought they made it up..but then after looking up at the medical dictionary they really existed. hah! simply jus to prove that the guy that donated to him was his real dad haha =)

  2. hello xes! thanks for jenguk-ing my blog. sorry lambat balas visit sebab busy dengan exam dan mengikuti perkembangan elections.hey, you’re a law guy too huh? having read your entry on CLP, i have to agree, CLP is the toughest exam in the world. one of my lecturers, he graduated from UK, he took CLP for three times u know! now he’s doing chambering in shern de la moore. lucky me, local graduates tak payah sit for CLP (yahoo!). i’ve just finished my LLB, now waiting for the final exam results. my convo will be in september. okay xes, all the best in whatever you’re doing. err, why no picture of sexy F1 girls? (u know, the girls who payung the F1 drivers). if i go to see F1, i would take their picture first πŸ™‚

  3. MAT JAN: hey thanks for dropping by! πŸ˜€ I’m getting abit worried abotu my CLP..i dont want to resit! i jeles dgn local grads, tak payah buat CLP..grrr as for the f1 girls, i didnt see any of them la. they were far far away from where i was that time..but no loss though, they werent in sexy outfit or something..ehheanyway, good luck for your exams πŸ˜€

  4. jasngoi: =) Don’t watch a show blindly n believe everything in it. BTW, the show is getting boring already. I can almost guess what is coming up next.

  5. frank: i did not watch it blindly and believe everything in it, thats why i look it up on the medical dictionary??!?? i have been studying science all this while and have never heard of it thats why was surprise and the type of the blood has a “weird-funny” name. Ahh i’m a fan of tvb HK anything will do for me when i’m in this shitty country i right xes? the show is okie..but i dont like Lai-chee (Amy Lam) too sneaky..

  6. gguni: u must have never read the website frank posted. hehe it’s first discovered in europe and japan. not sure why it’s called para bombay though.

  7. jasngoi: I think Lai-Chee (Amy Lam) is sexier when she puts on weight. gguni: Dun know why lar. Click on the link if u wanna know more.

  8. I have a life and death request for ParaBombay blood. My collegue in Thailand is in Intensive Care Unit with Deng Fever in Thailand. We have searched the country and has gone on allmedia asking for help. Thousands of people has responded but none were ParaBombay. He needs platelets urgently to survive. If any of you, by any chance know of anybody who can donate, please let us know.
    The Thai Red Cross is actively seeking help worldwide. It is a real life drama. Any help will be greatly appeciated.

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