Johnson’s surprise Bday

Happy birthday to my dear foosball, clubbing and yamcha buddy, Johnson!! YAY!

We had a surprise party cum pot luck (everybody chips in for the drinks and food by bringing their own) for him at his house. Johnson was in his room studying (he was having exams the next day) while we were waiting for other friends to come. The funny thing was that we were there for more than an hour and he didn’t know we were in his front yard.

We went up to his room to surprise him. He was caught off guard and was well surprised.

Soon, more and more people came. People bought chips, spaghetti, sausages, whipped cream with nutella covered strawberry, beer, soft drinks and a chocolate banana cheesecake for Johnson 😀

The chocolate cheesecake was actually meant for Johnson and his aunty (who shares the same birthday with him, or a day after that. I don’t remember). However, she didn’t want to join us. She was shy I guess but I heard Mary said, “She said there are too many kids downstairs”.

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