Pasar Malam

mmmm…why is this man lying on the middle of the road?

Oh, it’s one of the many beggars around KL night markets.

Rumours had it that beggars around Kuala Lumpur are maintained by syndicates. They provide beggers with the necessary transport to beg and then collect a fee/commission/etc from them.

Beggars use many tactics to gain more sympathies from people. Some bring small children with them, some had open wounds dispayed and some write their sob stories on huge piece of paper for people to read.

Running a syndicate like this is no doubt unethnical. However, wouldn’t it be justified that beggars DO need these services to ease their life? Oh well.

10 thoughts on “Pasar Malam”

  1. I agree with that, last week when i was at KL, i saw this lady carrying a less than a month old infant out begging, that is really bad and there were a lot more around bukit bintang

  2. There are alwiz lots of beggars outside temples and I wouldn’t gif them anything. It’s not that I’m stingy or wat but I’ve alwiz been against begging. I belif that if u can get ur ass out on the street to ask for money, you can work for it. If I own a company, i’ll be giving them my name card instead of money and gif them a job.My family as well as most traditional families would believe that by giving a beggar money, you’ll be rich in your next life. So ever since young, I’ll be given money to gif to beggars and i hated it. When I grew older, I nv gif them anything even though after that i would get it from my family.But then, a man muz have his principles. We are after all in the 21st century. Begging is outdated.

  3. If those beggars are selling magazine like Big issue in UK, i will gladly buy from them. (Note: Big issue is a magazine published to help the homeless in UK. The public can buy it from the homeless people for GBP1 only)

  4. sometimes begging is not about choice… its about life.There is a family that lives by begging at the Butterworth’s Bus terminal. The family consist of a granny and a new born child.It is not easy to be a beggar…. when there have police, they have to hid in a huge garbage truck.I juz wondering that the new born baby will have the chances to go to school like others children in the coming 7 or 8 years time?.

  5. Frank: There are also Big Issues sellers in Melbourne and I alwayz buy from them even though I seldom read it. At least then I know I’m helping to keep them off the streets (begging).tt: Although I sympatice for the granny and her baby, I’m sure there are good samaritans out there who are more than willing to help. If only the welfare system are a little better in Malaysia……….. Hmmmmmm

  6. I’ve been desensitised by all the times I’ve seen the KL beggars walk around at night, with their crutches swung over their shoulders.They still walk kinda funny, I suppose from standing awkwardly all the time, but they can walk just fine.The guy that crawls around near Tung Shin is one of them. Idiots. And I’ve never seen this one before, but someone I know claims to have seen an “open wound” drop off a beggar’s skin.The charms of living within walking distance from bukit bintang, you see all kinds at night.

  7. that thing in the 2nd picture just needs to die… and for the family, I have no sympathy. obviously if they cant feed themselves, how in the hell are they gonna feed a baby. too many stupid ppl breaking like a damn disease!

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